8 Recommendations for outdoor games for playgrounds

8 Recommendations for outdoor games for playgrounds

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In the time of growth, children must love to play in the garden. No wonder when the games out of so his favorite, like slides, swings, trampolines, swings, basketball hoops.

Plus, games out of It is also useful to train children’s motor skills, as well as to help them learn to interact.

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Well, you can also create a comfortable playground at home, you know!

Game recommendations Outdoors The child

This time, we have some gaming tips out of children that you can give to your child, such as the following.

1. 3 in 1 Bus Slide

Who doesn’t like to play slides? Toy out of This children’s favorite must be in the playground that you have made for your child.

This slide is made of quality plastic material and has no sharp edges, so it is safe for your beloved child.

You can invite your child to play slides to train motor sensors, balance power, and perfect the coordination of eyes and feet. However, be sure to always supervise your child so that he does not fall.

This slide, which costs IDR 1 million, can be played by children from 3 years and above.

outdoor slide
Yaya Slide Vanilla Bus 3 in 1 Slide

Check it out here

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2. ring Basketball

Playing basketball can train your child’s motor skills. Well, you can start introducing this sport to children as early as 3 years old.

You can buy a basketball game set consisting of ring basketball balls and goals that can be set for 489 thousand IDR. This basketball toy set is made of quality plastic and does not contain harmful materials.

ring basketball mainan outdoor
Kingsport 2 In 1 Basketball Football

Check it out here

3. 4 In 1 Slide and Swing for children

In addition to slides, you can also provide swings. Can you Presenting 1 set of slides and swings in the home garden complete with ring basketball. Toy out of You can buy this for Rp 2 million.

outdoor play slide
4 in 1 Slide and Swing for children

Check it out here

4. Playground for children

You want to find toys out of what ismore comprehensive? If so, you can buy a set of toys out of child this.

With a price of IDR 4.8 million, you can bring slides, houses and basketball hoops. It’s great, isn’t it?

There is no need to worry because this toy is made of quality plastic material that is safe and not sharp.

Mainan outdoor playground
Paso-kids Playhouse & Slide Gl7441b

Check it out here

5. Games Outdoors houses

Children often imagine having their own house, ordering, and cooking in the kitchen. Well, you can give it this house toy for IDR 3 million. This toy is also equipped with slides, as well as tables and chairs.

In addition to training their imagination, this toy can also stimulate the motor sensors of children. You can put in game room or backyard garden. So, your child can play at any time without worrying about going out.

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Mainan outdoor playhouse
Tomo Big Playhouse with 2 play activities

Check it out here

6. Mobil Ride On

You can also give a car rgo on the following is for the little one. Mobil to ride it has a comfortable seat and a wide steering wheel that is easy to grip. In addition, this toy is also equipped with a gas pedal like the original.

With a price of IDR 1 million – IDR 3 million, you can take your beloved child around while riding this car.

car toy outside
Paso Ride On Offroad Car Sp05f-05

Check it out here

car toy
Pmb Toys Car Toyota Fortuner Legends 9588 Grey

Check it out here

7. Tricycle

If you want to train your children’s nerves and motor muscles from a young age, you can give them this bike toy.

This toy is in the form of a push bike that is equipped handle comfortable In addition, this bike also has sturdy wheels that spin well. You can buy it for only 600 thousand IDR, you know.

bicycle toy
Qplay Ant Tricycle Folding Bike – Abu Abu

Check it out here

Qplay Ant Tricycle Folding Bike – Pink

Check it out here

8. Step Mainan Outdoor Jswing in the shape of a giraffe

One of the toys out of what is fun to play with friends is swing. This toy can train your child’s balance, motor skills and interaction, you know!

Well, you can also bring a baby swing to complete your home garden. Toy out of for Rp 900 thousand, it is made of quality material that is robust and safe for your little one.

outdoor toy swing
Giraffe Rocking Toy Paso Gl7297

Check it out here

These are some games out of that you can buy to complete your garden at home. Before buying, be sure to measure the area that will be used as a playground so that there is movement space for the little one.

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Well, you can find many other models of toys for children Kingdom of toys only in variety.

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