8 Prayers that bring sustenance so that efforts are smooth and abundant

8 Prayers that bring sustenance so that efforts are smooth and abundant

prayer brings sustenanceHave you worked as hard as you can but still don’t have satisfactory results? It is good to read the prayer that brings unexpected sustenance later!

In our daily activities, both at work and at home, it is always a good idea to start with prayer.

The goal is that the work is always launched and given ease and given security in the other.

Because something that begins with good intentions, that is to say only to worship Allah and pray all wishes can be granted.

Whether in simple activities like starting the day before work, there are prayers that bring unexpected sustenance that you can read.

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Let’s see the full review!

Prayer brings unexpected fortune

recitation of prayer brings sustenance

It means:

“Oh God, increase our sustenance, do not decrease it. Honor us and do not humiliate us.

Give us and don’t stop us. Choose us and do not leave us, and do not stop us.”

Prayer to open the door of sustenance to run

prayer to open the door of sustenance

It means:

“O Allah, I truly ask you for beneficial knowledge (for myself and others), halal sustenance and accepted charity (at your side and get a good reward). (HR. Ibnu Majah, and Ahmad).

Prayers for wealth to be launched

O God, I sing my songs, I sing, always, and dear, dear, dear, to strengthen the glory from Please God

Alloohumma, O Ghoniyyu, O Mughnii, Ginan Abadan, O ‘Aziizu, O Mu’izzu, A’izzani bi-i’zaazin ‘izzatia qudrotika, OO Muyassirol, O Mu’uri Yassir Lii Umuurod Dun-Ya Waddiini, O Khoiro Man Yurjaa, Oh Allah.

It means:

“O God, who is rich and gives wealth, give me eternal wealth.

O Glorious Being and the giver of glory, give me glory with the glory of your power.

O God who facilitates all things, give me ease in all worldly and religious affairs, O God who is most awaited, O God”.

Prayer brings sustenance for children and long life

O Allah, increase my wealth and my children, and bless me in what you have given me, and extend my life in obedience to you, and make good in my deeds, and forgive me.

What is Allahumma ak-tsir that he is a waladi, and a baarik lii fiimaa a’thoitanii wa athil hayaatii ‘ala tho’atik and a ahsin ‘amalii wagh-fir lii.

It means:

“O God, multiply my property and my child and bless the gift you give. Extend my life in obedience to you and do my good deeds and forgive my sins.”

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Prayer to be given Halal sustenance

prayer for halal sustenance

It means:

“O God, I truly ask you to give me sustenance in the form of halal sustenance, ample and without effort, without burden, without harm and without fatigue to obtain. Verily you have power over all things.”

Prayer brings blessings

Oh God, rectify my religion for me, expand my house for me, and bless my livelihood for me.

Alloohumma ashlihli is the religion and wassi’li of the daari and the bark of the provision.

It means:

“Oh God, fix my religion (which is my main business), make my place spacious, and give blessings to my livelihood.”

Prayer to ask for forgiveness

pray for forgiveness

It means:

“O God, forgive me, my mistakes, my stupidity, my actions that go beyond the limit in all my affairs that You know better than me.

O Allah, forgive me, my laughter, my seriousness, my mistakes, my intentions and everything I have.”

Prayer for abundant sustenance

Our Lord, send us a table from heaven, that it may be a feast for us, for our first and for our last, and a sign from you, and grant us that you are the best of Razers.

The Lord of the angels ‘alainaa maa-idatan minas samaa-i takunu lanaa ‘Eid li awwalinaa wa aakhirinaa wa aayatan minka warzuqnaa wa anta khoirur rooziqiin.

It means:

“O our Lord, send us a plate from the sky (which will descend) it will be a feast for us, that is for those who are with us and those who come after us, and be a sign of your power. give us sustenance, and You are the most important provider of sustenance.”

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