8 Photos of Nikita Willy’s House in Los Angeles, Very Spacious!

8 Photos of Nikita Willy’s House in Los Angeles, Very Spacious!

Since the marriage, Nikita Willy decided not to live with his parents. Initially, the actress born in 1994 lived in her husband’s apartment, but now the public has heard the news that they both live abroad.

Curious about how Nikita Willy’s house or apartment with her husband looks like outside? Check out the full review below!

Nikita Willy House Portrait Variety

Located in Los Angeles, United States

Since the pregnancy of their first child, Nikita Willy and her husband, Indra Priawan, have decided to stay temporarily in the United States. Without mitigation, the couple who got married in 2020 lives in Los Angeles.

Both chose to stay temporarily in Uncle Sam’s country to provide the best facilities for the child. Meanwhile, the house that Nikita Willy lives in with his family is actually quite luxurious. you know.

How not, Pins will be presented with a fairly spacious apartment page with an unobstructed view. No wonder Nikita and Indra admit they feel comfortable living there, right?

Living room without TV

(Nikita Willy Official YouTube)

As soon as you enter the apartment for the first time, you will see a fairly spacious family room. The difference is that Pins cannot find television like most living rooms in Indonesia.

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For Nikita and Indra, the family room is a place to chat together. To prevent distraction when catch up with the family, the television was removed in the room.

Instead of a television, a fire was present to confirm that Pins was out of the country. The impression is also enhanced by warm beige paint shades and views towards the Hollywood Hills.

In addition to meeting places, the family room is sometimes used as Indra’s “office corner”. Although there are only tables, chairs and makeshift office equipment, this is where Indra earns money for his family.

WowNikita Willy and Indra Priawan’s apartment is very interesting.

Hot kitchen and lunch

(Nikita Willy Official YouTube)

Moving on from the family room, a home would not be complete without a sophisticated kitchen. Nikita Willy also wanted to show the impression of home even if it was far from home.

With a dining area that is integrated with the kitchen, this room has space quite large with well arranged items. In addition, the facilities are complete enough to provide this small family’s favorite dish in another country.

Starting from dishwasher, refrigerator, oven, and others are placed in the places that have been provided. So, Nikita and Indra can still move freely in this room with brown wood and white shades, even if they have a lot of things when they are captured.

Dedicated TV Room Relax Together

(Nikita Willy Official YouTube)

Since the family room does not have a television, Nikita and Indra provide a special room to watch TV. Both present these structures near the kitchen with a view of the buildings near the apartment.

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There is not much furniture in this room. Even so, Nikita tried to bring a comfortable atmosphere with a beige sofa and a black wooden table.

Laundry wide

(Nikita Willy Official YouTube)

Similar to Nikita Willy’s luxury house in Indonesia, there is a special room for washing clothes, aka laundry room. Considering that this famous soap opera actress did not bring ART to the US, everything was done by Nikita herself.

The laundry area is not so wide, but elongated. Pins will see a washer and dryer, as well as an ironing board. Although it is not that wide, Indra Priawan’s wife admits that she is comfortable doing everything here.

It consists of two rooms

(Nikita Willy Official YouTube)

Like apartments in Los Angeles in general, Nikita Willy and Indra Priawan’s apartment consists of two bedrooms. Next to the master bedroom, the other room is occupied by Nikita Willy’s parents for now.

Although it consists of only two rooms, both rooms have a large enough area for the size of an apartment, you know.

Master Bedroom With City View

(Nikita Willy Official YouTube)

Continue to the main room where Nikita and Indra are resting while there. The room has space which is more spacious than the previous room.

Once inside, Pins will be presented with a view of the city displayed through large windows. This is certainly still appreciated by Nikita, Indra, and their child on the bed facing the window first.

In the main room, Nikita and Indra also prepared the baby’s needs. Starting from the child’s bed to a sofa for breastfeeding. Wowcomplete, yes!

View of Hollywood Hills from the balcony

(Nikita Willy Official YouTube)

Spot Finally, one of Indra and Nikita Willy’s favorite places in the house is the balcony. The reason is that this apartment provides quite a spacious terrace with a view of the Hollywood hills or the famous Hollywood signs.

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This is also where Indra and Nikita enjoy their relaxing time while looking at the tall buildings in California.

Nah, which was a series of photos of the apartment that Nikita Willy and Indra Priawan live in Los Angeles, United States. This apartment is actually used as a temporary residence so that the child can be invited to travel to Jakarta.

Isn’t it interesting to live in an apartment abroad with a wide view, is Pins interested?

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