8 of the most comfortable 3×1 minimalist living room designs that will make you feel at home

8 of the most comfortable 3×1 minimalist living room designs that will make you feel at home

Minimalist design of the living room 3x1

What are the inspirations for a comfortable 3×1 minimalist living room design that can make you feel at home? Find out more here!

The living room is always the opening part of the interior of the house, so the composition must be considered carefully.

It is not only a matter of internal arrangement, the aesthetic value of the living room must also be adjusted to make residents and guests feel at home.

Relax, the layout of the living room can not only be applied to large rooms, but also narrow spaces!

For example, as a minimalist living room design 3 × 1 meter.

You can also conjure up a relatively narrow room to make it look spacious that’s it.

Immediately, here is the inspiration that you can follow at home!

Minimalist living room design inspiration 3 × 1 The most comfortable that makes you feel at home

Check out the tips you can see in full for the following dream home:

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1. Lesehan with Red Combination

Lesehan red color combination

Source: Instagram/@dapurminimalist

Bold textures and bright red colors are one of the best ways to apply a 3×1 living room in limited areas.

The concept of lesehan seems to add a very wide visibility, because it can be used for different needs of the family.

This room is not only for receiving guests, but also suitable as a place to relax.

2. rustic with the relaxing atmosphere

Unique 3x1 minimalist living room design

Source: Instagram/@rumahnaknak

The next theme that you can apply is the design of the living room with a combination rustic which is relaxing.

The very comfortable seating arrangement seems to blend in with the red carpet on the side of the floor.

You can also combine this living room with a place to watch TV at home.

3. Minimalist Living Room 3 × 1 Male Squares

Blue checkered box combination

Source: Instagram/@rumah_naumi2020

The masculine and virile concept is the best reference to create a super comfortable living room at home.

The checkered design with blue accents creates a residential structure that flows from all sides.

It is not only an informal room, this place is also very suitable for formal meetings.

4. Yellow with a light concept

Beautiful yellow living room design 3x1

Source: Instagram/@enji_monica

Beautiful and bright is the best menu in the yellow living room that is relaxed and full of home comfort.

This design not only prioritizes the aesthetic aspect, but also the functional aspects that are given proper attention.

The composition of attractive aesthetic value is also combined by several plants with matching colors, so it is more unified.

5. The most comfortable 3 × 1 minimalist design of the living room with a simple concept

A simple minimalist concept

Source: Instagram/@rumah_aifa

No need to exaggerate, this comfortable 3×1 living room looks simple but has a lot of character.

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The choice of beige, white and brown colors seem full of serenity that makes the occupants of the house more comfortable.

This color combination is also added with green plants, because it produces a good freshness value.

6. Minimalist living room 3 × 1 Concept Shabby Chic

Shabby chic minimalist living room 3x1

Source: Instagram/@anisa_shabbychic

You can apply the next living room inspiration with a theme Shabby Chic which looks aesthetically pleasing.

Wooden decorative elements with a brown theme present a unified atmosphere, thus making it comfortable.

You can also add green accents to create a refreshing atmosphere in the living room.

7. Comfort with a Green Atmosphere

Living room with green concept

Source: Instagram/@Rumahazkaa

For you plant lovers, the tips for a living room with a green atmosphere can give a different look.

Not only prioritizing the aesthetic value, this design perfectly matches the refreshing atmosphere at home.

You can apply it in an open space with large windows, with green plants.

8. Minimalist 3 × 1 Monochrome Living Room in Narrow Land

Decorative monochrome concept

Source: Instagram/@ayu_anitarhy

Simple but with character is the best reference for a 3×1 monochrome minimalist living room in this narrow area.

The choice of color accents with striped motifs seems to give an elegant impression with the best accessories.

There are wall decorations to vines so that the atmosphere of the living room is more comfortable and refreshing.


Some tips for a minimalist living room design 3×1 can be the best ready reference to make you feel more at home.

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