8 Nutritious Catfish Foods (Complete with How-To)

8 Nutritious Catfish Foods (Complete with How-To)

catfish food

Do you grow catfish at home? In order for the fish to grow large and healthy quickly, feed them the following most nutritious catfish foods, eh!

Catfish is one of the most profitable types of aquaculture due to its low feed costs and wide market.

If you want the catfish to grow quickly, there is a special high-nutrition food that can be given.

Check out a variety of catfish food along with how to and when to give it below!

Catfish Nutritional Requirements

Before knowing the food of catfish, it is important to know the nutritional needs of this fish.

There are five essential nutrients needed for catfish, namely proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Protein is the main nutrient obtained from flour, fat is used to reduce protein ingredients, and carbohydrates are a source of energy for fish.

Meanwhile, vitamins can support fish growth and minerals can increase fish metabolism and bone growth.

The most nutritious food of Catfish

nutritious catfish food

There are many types of catfish food that you can give, but of course these foods also have different prices.

So what if you want to provide the best food, but the economic factor is still maintained?

Check out a variety of the most nutritious catfish foods for growing this relatively inexpensive fish, go!

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1. Maggot

Maggot or fly larvae is the preferred catfish food because of its protein content that reaches 40 percent.

The high protein content makes the fish grow quickly and avoid various diseases.

It is not only nutritious, this food is also very economical and you can even grow it at home.

2. Runcah Fish

The next food you can give is garbage fish or fish left by fishermen’s catches.

You can buy trash fish easily and cheaply at the fish auction.

The reason why the price is cheap is because of its small size, so it is rarely consumed by humans.

This fish has a high protein content that can accelerate the growth of the animal.

3. Snail

The next food for catfish is snails which are the favorite food for catfish farmers.

This is because snails are easy to find and the price is relatively cheap.

The content of protein and iron in snails is very high and can help the fish grow and develop.

4. Worms

Worms that are suitable for use as catfish feed are silkworms and earthworms.

These two types of worms have a higher protein content than beef or goat meat, which makes them nutritious for catfish.

Be sure to clean the worms first before feeding the fish so that the pond is not easily cloudy and dirty.

5. Azzola Plants

The next catfish food is the azolla plant which is the catfish’s favorite fern.

These plants are not only nutritious, but they can also make the soil more moist so that it supports the growth of fish.

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6. Poultry

Poultry meat, such as chicken, duck and goose, is suitable for its high protein content.

It’s not just meat, you can also give catfish.

7. Fermented Tofu Dregs

The next nutritious catfish food is fermented tofu dregs.

The way to make this food is to mix 5 kg of tofu dregs with 5 kg of bran, 1 kg of molasses, 1 kg of fish meal, 200 ml of probiotic fish EM4, and 2 tablespoons of tempeh yeast.

Place in a closed container with a hose hole to allow oxygen to enter.

Wait five days before feeding the fish.

8. Fish pellets

Fish pellets are food made from flour, soybean meal, coconut, minerals, bran, oil and vitamins.

This food is not only nutritious, but also easy to get at the farm store.

How to feed the catfish

catfish in the pond

In addition to providing the catfish food above, you can also make your own food.

Here are the steps to make catfish food that you can try:

  1. Mix 2 kg of soybean flour, 5 kg of wheat flour, 8 kg of fish meal, 2 kg of tapioca flour, 3 kg of fine flour, 0.2 kg of fish oil and 0.2 kg of minerals.
  2. Mix the flour with enough water so that the dough does not spread when you hold it.
  3. Press the flour mixture into the pellet machine.
  4. Keep the pellets in an airtight plastic bag.

Good Catfish Feeding Times

catfish in water

Finally, do not forget to provide catfish food at the right times.

You can provide food three times a day for adult fish or four to five days for juvenile fish.

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The gift can be made at 07:00 in the morning, 12:00 in the afternoon, 17:00 in the afternoon and 22:00 at night.

The amount of food can be given about three to six percent of the weight of the catfish.

Closer to harvesting, reduce the amount of food to two to three percent of the weight of the fish.


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