8 Non-Slip Kitchen Flooring Ceramic Choices. The kitchen becomes safer!

8 Non-Slip Kitchen Flooring Ceramic Choices. The kitchen becomes safer!

The kitchen floor is not slippery

This non-slip kitchen floor tile can help you be safer when cooking. Check out the interesting choices in the next article.

Having a safe, convenient and beautiful home kitchen is certainly the dream of many people.

However, you must pay attention to every aspect and element used in the kitchen.

Included for the kitchen tile floor business. The reason is that this section is very important to support comfort and safety, that’s it, Property People.

Kitchen plan A good one should be able to provide a sense of security and comfort to the owner while cooking.

In addition, this floor is at high risk of being exposed to oil and other food ingredients that cause slippery.

Therefore, the right floor material is necessary so that the activities in your kitchen can run safely.

Usually, some people work around this by using a type of ceramic floor that has a texture.

Well, for those of you who are still confused to determine the right reason and choice for ceramics in the kitchen.

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Property site www.lacrymosemedia.com they summarized it from the following sources. Listen, go!

8 Non-Slip Kitchen Flooring Ceramic Choices

1. The kitchen floor tiles are not Slippery Tile Motif

Non-slip ceramic tile pattern for kitchen floors

Source: realsimple.com

Tile pattern it can be an attractive floor option and safe to use for the kitchen.

Made of a mixture of cement and sand on top, this floor is not easy to slip.

In addition, its beautiful appearance is also ready to spoil your eyes while cooking.

2. Non-Slip Kitchen Floor Granite

Non-slip granite kitchen top

Source: Harapanrakyat.com

Granite floor it has its own privilege because it is safe to use in the kitchen.

The impression of luxury and elegance also comes from the floor that comes from the igneous rock and this mineral mixture.

In addition, granite is said to have a very strong structure so the price of this floor is quite expensive.

3. Rough Kitchen Floor Ceramic

Rough Kitchen Floor Ceramics.jpg

Source: Centroceramic.com

You can also use it rough pottery as a plan in the kitchen of the house with an interesting motive.

Just choose a ceramic with a prominent texture on the motif.

This can help reduce the slippery on the surface of the floor when exposed to spilled ingredients in the kitchen.

4. Wood Motif Ceramic

kitchen tiles are not slippery

Source: Kompas.com

Ceramic wood model it can also be another interesting option to make the kitchen comfortable.

The texture of wood that has fibers does not make the surface easy to slip.

Also, how to clean this part of the floor is quite easy, like other types of floors.

5. Terracotta Motif Kitchen Ceramica

Terracotta Motif Kitchen Ceramics.jpg

Source: Grid.id

Other ceramic options with terracotta modelThis type of floor can give a unique impression to the kitchen.

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The clay material that is transformed into terracotta can reduce the slippery when the surface is exposed to oil.

Thus, the kitchen feels more comfortable and safe and its beauty is maintained.

6. Non-slip Monochrome Kitchen Floor Ceramic

Non-slip monochromatic ceramic floors

Source: news.yahoo.com

For those of you who have a minimalist lifestyle and like monochrome colors, this plan can be an option.

In addition to the interesting concept, this type of black and white flooring can also be used in your favorite kitchen.

The structure can also be adjusted so that it is not easily slippery when exposed to food ingredients.

7. Keramik Lantai Teraso

Keramik Lantai Teraso

Source: Hipwee.com

Ceramic terrazzo floor famous for its unique material derived from broken marble, concrete, tile and sand.

However, the end result of this plan looks so beautiful and lovely.

In addition to not being slippery, this floor gives a unique impression if you use it in the kitchen.

8. Non-slip Ceramic Kitchen Floors Motif Natural Stone

Non-slip Ceramic Kitchen Floors Motif Natural Stone

Source: combatcityusa.com

Another type of floor that can be an option is ceramic with natural stone motifs.

Adjust the concept of the room starting from the electronics, the furniture, to paint the walls of the kitchen.

This floor has a texture that is safe and harmless when exposed to oil or food ingredients.

Tips for choosing non-slip kitchen floor tiles

The tips for choosing safe ceramics are as follows.

1. The kitchen floor ceramic is not slippery if it has Texture

The first type you can choose the type of floor that has a texture on its surface.

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This is so that when the floor is exposed to cooking ingredients or oil, it does not slip easily.

2. Adjust to the Kitchen Concept

After choosing the type of floor, you must adjust the floor that will be used in the kitchen concept.

For example, for an industrial kitchen concept, you should use a natural stone pattern.

As for the classic concept of the kitchen, you will use terrazzo, terracotta, or tile motifs.

It is the choice of anti-slip tiles for the kitchen that can help you be safer in the kitchen.

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