8 Must have the first car equipment

8 Must have the first car equipment

The first must-have car equipment
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Have you just bought a car? Wow, congratulations on your first car! Well, after purchasing, you also need to prepare various equipment for the first car to maintain its safety and cleanliness.

There are many pieces of equipment in the car that are necessary, whether for emergencies or routine checks.

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So, what are the first equipment and car accessories?

Do not be confused, this time, we have listed the first must-have car equipment and accessories.

1. Car cleaning tool

Keeping the car clean is important. In addition, after being used to travel, the car is susceptible to dust and other dirt, both on the glass, the body, the wheels and the tires.

For that you need to prepare car cleaning tools which consists of a microfiber cloth, car wash soap, a sponge, a mini bucket, as follows.

The first car provides 4 pieces of car cleaning towels
Set of 4 car cleaning wipes

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the first car provides Proclean Car Interior Cleaning Brush Set 3 Pcs
Proclean 3-piece car cleaning set

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2. Emergency equipment set

When using a car, unexpected things can appear, such as a leaky tire, a broken engine, and even … overheat. Of course, you have to prepare an umbrella before it rains.

This means that you need to prepare different emergency equipment to anticipate these things. You can buy it a set of emergency equipment that already consists of a safety triangle, a tire inflator, a flashlight, a tow rope and a first aid kit.

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Here are the recommended products you can buy.

first car kit
Coido Car Emergency Gear Set

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3. Support for car phone

Not all cars have features Apple CarPlay, Android Autoor application share screen other That’s why we should have it car phone holder or seat cell phone in the car

Also, if we use cell phones to help you see directions and contact someone. Of course, it will be dangerous if you have to drive while holding it cell phoneright?

Put her down cell phone you neighbor dashboard car to make it more practical and safe when driving.

first car kit Aru Holder Smartphone Car Dashboard
Ataru Smartphone Dashboard Mobile Holder

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first car kit
Eight Class Holder Spy Tengah Mobile

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4. Car changer

When going on a long trip, we need to ensure the condition of the phone they still have enough battery power to facilitate communication later.

In addition, we can use mobile phones for navigation systems, listening to songs, and much more. So, make sure you have it car charger and cable cell phone in the car

In this way, you can charge cell phone during the journey. You can buy advice car charger the following.

first car kit
Mobil Hpa631 Hypersonic Charger

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5. Mini trash

During the car ride, we often eat snacks in the car. JamIn this, it could be that we often use tissues and collect parking receipts. So, so that the garbage does not spread, we need mprovide a mini-pavilion.

Make sure you choose a trash can that has a lid, like the following.

mobile equipment
Flamingo Car Trash Can

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6. Cordless vacuum cleaner

In addition to dust, the inside of the car can also be sand and there are crumbs of snacks that we eat while driving. This, of course, will make your car dirty and smelly.

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You can use it cordless vacuum cleaner or a mini cordless vacuum cleaner to clean the dirt in the corner of the car seat.

the first car accessories
Krisbow 12v Mobil Car Vacuum

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7. Car cooler

Everyone wants their car to smell nice and clean, especially if you just bought it. You can also keep your car smelling good by adding car freshener.

There are several types of car deodorizers, namely those that are attached to the rearview mirror, attached to the air conditioning vent, or placed on top. dashboard. You can choose the smell lavender, coffee, or vanilla.

La Vie Men Af Car Freshener Flamingo
La Vie Men Af Car Freshener Flamingo

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8. Beret Remover

While driving, your car could accidentally hit another object or vehicle, causing the scratch. If the scratch doesn’t cause dents, you can fix it yourself.

Prepare a scratch removal liquid or gel, then apply to the car. Then, use a microfiber cloth and remove the beret until it is disguised. You can use the following beret removal products.

first car tool
Meguiar Scratch-x Tube Remover Beret 207 Ml

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first car kit
Penghilang Baret Tortoise Wax Scratch and Swirl Remover

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Well, this is some of the first car equipment you should have. You canFind more other automotive equipment only at www.lacrymosemedia.com.

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