8 Modern Minimalist Living Room Screen Design Inspirations In Residential

8 Modern Minimalist Living Room Screen Design Inspirations In Residential

Modern minimalist living room partition design

Effectively dividing the functions of the room at home, here are some inspirations for a modern minimalist living room partition design that you can emulate!

Most living rooms in Indonesian homes are built with concepts open space.

Therefore, you should install additional partitions to maintain privacy in the interior area.

Confused to determine the model?

Go ahead, see the following collection of minimalist living room partition designs as a reference!

8 Modern Minimalist Living Room Screen Design Inspirations

1. Wooden Shelves with Blunt Corners

living room partition inspiration

Source: jabodetabek.id

First, you can use a wooden shelf as a partition in the living room.

In this way, its presence can simultaneously function as an additional storage cabinet.

You can use it to store books, magazines, plants in decorative pots and small displays.

So that the appearance is not distorted, choose a wooden shelf with an obtuse angle on the opposite side so that in contact with the wall.

2. The combination of wooden grills and chairs

Modern minimalist living room partition design

Source: instagram.com/partisiwonosobo

The next idea is to make a partition that combines wooden grills, chairs and storage cabinets.

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Using the grids allows you to protect the privacy between the rooms without making it look cramped.

To make it look more unique, make a box-shaped hole in the middle of the net as a place to store decorations.

You can also use the storage cabinet at the bottom of the partition to store different glasses.

3. Modern minimalist design of living room partitions

Modern minimalist living room divider

Source: instagram.com/furniture.hpl

This bulkhead design can also be an option if you need a lot of storage space.

The side of the partition bordering the wall is completely in the form of a wardrobe so you can use it to store different items.

However, on the left side, there is a small lattice that makes it seem that the design does not complete the room.

In addition to this, in the lower area there is a small space to store the shoes that you use at home.

4. Minimalist wooden barrier

Minimalist design of wooden partitions

Source: kristinalynne.ca

The next idea is to use a partition in the form of a wooden lattice to separate the living room area.

The existence of a lattice makes the view between the rooms a little obstructed, but it does not create the impression of being cramped and cramped.

In addition, partition models like this are more economical because you only need to assemble a number of wooden slats together.

However, be sure to use wood that is resistant to termite attacks so that its condition is maintained for a long time.

5. Modern glass living room partition

modern glass partition at home

Source: housing.com

The next idea is to use glass and metal screens to separate the living room.

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In this way, the differences in the functions of the room can be clearly seen without limiting the view between the rooms.

Also, the use of glass material for The modern minimalist living room partition will make this area look brighter.

6. Long wooden partition in the living room

Modern minimalist living room partition design

Source: thisoldhouse.com

The next idea is to use a wooden partition that is almost as long as the wall.

You just need to make sure that there is a hole the size of a door or larger at the end for the access of the occupants.

In this way, the difference in the function of the room in the house will be seen more clearly.

7. Insulation Glass Panel in the Living Room

partition of glass panels in the living room

Source: countryliving.com

Drawing This modern minimalist living room partition combines glass panels and concrete walls.

You can build concrete walls that are only a third or even a quarter of the height of the entire house.

Then, at the top they hit a glass panel with an iron frame as a divider between the rooms.

The presence of partitions like this will make the room look unique and aesthetic.

8. Insulation of Materials Glass block

glass block partition in the room

Source: decoist.com

Finally, you can consider the use of insulation made of material glass block.

In this way, the insulation can reflect sunlight and lights so that the room appears brighter.

However, make sure you choose glass block which is rather thick so it doesn’t break easily when exposed to pressure, yes.


Here are some design ideas Modern minimalist living room partition that you can imitate.

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