8 Mistakes in Arranging Children’s Rooms

8 Mistakes in Arranging Children’s Rooms

When you move into a new house, you feel happy and excited to decorate each room so that it is as beautiful as possible. However, it should be noted that not all rooms can be designed according to our wishes, such as arranging the child’s room.

As with adults, children’s bedrooms should be arranged to prioritize safety and comfort. You see, this room will be used by children for activities, from sleeping to playing.

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So, what should be considered when placing in the child’s room?

To overcome your confusion, there are several mistakes to avoid when putting in the child’s room, as follows.

1. Not using the right mattress

In truth, we want babies to sleep as comfortably as possible. However, this does not mean that you have to put the type of mattress king size in his room. Also, the size of this mattress it can make the room narrower.

Also, avoid choosing a bed with a high bed to reduce the risk of injury when you fall. Choose a bed on the floor so that you can give your child freedom of movement, such as the following.

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children's rooms
Inform Sven Bed for children – Gray

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2. Fill the room with different furniture

There are many items that we have to put in the child’s room, including beds, wardrobes, toy boxes and study tables and chairs. However, we often forget that they need more space to play freely.

So, choose only essential furniture to organize the child’s room, such as a bed, drawers and study table.

children's rooms
Avoid placing a variety of large furniture in the child’s room

3. Not Prioritizing Security

When it comes to setting up a room for children, you have to think about every detail to make sure that the room is as safe as possible. For example, install a socket in the wall that is high enough so that it is not easy to reach.

children's rooms

4. Using One Light

Lighting is the main key to arranging the child’s room so that the atmosphere is comfortable. However, avoid relying on just one candlestick.

You see, children need other additional lights, especially when they are studying and sleeping. Then, add a table lamp that can support these activities.

children's rooms
Install a special study table lamp and a pendant lamp to support children’s activities in the room

5. Choose an Apparition Rug

Of course, a beautiful rug can make a child’s room attractive. It’s just that, you can’t choose a carpet based only on its style. Choose one that already has anti-slip so that children do not fall easily while walking or running.

children's rooms
Anti Slip Carpet 65×150 Cm 0006a – Cream

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children's rooms
Anti Slip Carpet 65×150 Cm 0032a

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6. Leave Walls Unprotected

Wall painting is a place where children express their creativity through crayons, pencils and other writing tools. Unfortunately, we often ignore this and leave the walls unprotected.

To make it easier to clean, you can use vinyl paint or add it wallpaper which can be washed on the wall of the room.

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children's rooms
Arthome Wallpaper Diy 8 Layers 50 Cm – Blue

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7. Don’t Organize Items Neatly

In addition to clothes, children also have many other items that need to be stored, such as books and toys. However, we often neglect all the items so that the room becomes a mess.

Well, you need to organize their things neatly so that they can be more responsible with their room.

children's rooms
Clean all the items so you can teach children to be organized from an early age

8. Using Too Much Mobile

Choose the furniture that is the right height for them so that they can easily reach each item.

Thus, they can be independent from an early age by taking different types of articles that are within their reach, such as the children’s shelf below.

children's rooms
Spencer Multipurpose 3×3 Shelves – Cream

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These are eight mistakes that are still often made in the arrangement of the child’s room. Avoiding it, we can create a comfortable room for them.

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