8 Minimalist Living Rooms Dimensions 3×2, Suitable for Families at Home

8 Minimalist Living Rooms Dimensions 3×2, Suitable for Families at Home

Unique minimalist dining room 3x15

Find inspiration for a minimalist 3×2 dining room for a functional and aesthetically pleasing dream home. Curious? Read more here!

In various activities, the dining room is a part that can never be separated.

The reason is that this space is often a place for family gatherings at home, so it should be well considered.

Not only in terms of design, capacity and size are also important for the whole family to be well accommodated.

However, not all homes have a large dining room or table that is large and suitable.

A size that is widely used is 3 × 2 meters that focuses on its functional side.

What inspiration for a minimalist dining room size 3×2 can you imitate? Check out the discussion together!

Minimalist dining room Inspiration Size 3 × 2 Meters for family gathering

1. Minimalist Bright Color Combinations

Dining room design with blue accents

Source: Instagram/@rumahmungil_r4

You can apply bright and minimalist elements as the best functional and aesthetic dining room design.

This combination is not only a game of color, but also produces good visibility so you don’t look cramped.

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To make it look more functional, there is nothing wrong with combining it with the kitchen.

2. Minimalist Dining Room Size 3 × 2 with a luxury concept

Pink luxury design

Source: Instagram/@mamamimara.project

The concept of a dining room with good family elements can be an inspiration like this picture.

The white accents and pink combination create a more serene atmosphere, making it not only attractive, but also comfortable.

There are soft leather chairs for banquets like a sultan.

3. Multi-Wood Combination

Unique design of decorative wood

Source: Instagram/@home.w26

You can also apply a pure wood combination design to a dining room like this example.

Not only in the wardrobes, the chairs and tables are covered with elegant teak wood accents and decorative wall lamps.

The combination of the two can also be added with ornamental plants to make the appearance refreshing.

4. Unique minimalist All-White elements

Minimalist dining room 3x1.5

Source: Instagram/jepara.kreasiinterior

The next design recommendation is a minimalist dining room with unique all-white elements with natural shades.

The combination of nature can be seen from the use of wooden floors to the green plants hanging from above.

Not only a unique decorative accent, the elements in this 3×2 dining room can also make the air fresher and the atmosphere more comfortable.

5. Minimalist Dining Room Size 3 × 2 Simple with an Angled Concept

Wood and together with the side

Credit: Instagram/m.alleyhouse

The next choice is a simple 3×2 minimalist dining room with an angular concept.

This angular element on the side is paired with an elegant and timeless wood accent.

This part of the dining room is also designed proportionally, in addition the placement of the compartments is arranged on the side of the wall.

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6. It’s on top

Minimalist dining room 3x15 2023

Source: Instagram/@homeyiiga

Besides being on the lower floor, you can also put a minimalist dining room in the upper corner of the house.

The combination of the dining room in the upper corner of the house seems to have a minimalist and functional touch.

The choice of white color not only makes the room attractive, but also very clean.

7. Minimalist Dining Room Size 3 × 2 in the style of a Farmhouse

Minimalist dining room 3x1.5 narrow area

Source: Instagram/@mama_zaydan_gallery

You can present the next design of the dining room 3 × 2 with a combination of farmhouse.

This farm theme has white, brown and black accents with a balanced composition in the corner of the house.

You can also add a cup holder up to art paper on the wall.

8. Join the Family Room

Unit with dining area and sofa

Source: Instagram/@tatikkasmeta

If the width of the space is a consideration, you can combine the dining room with the family room like this picture.

The broad concept of meeting can be the best menu with the family, resulting in a relaxed atmosphere.

Not to forget, there are decorative ornaments in the dining room so that it shows a different atmosphere.


Here are some of the best 3×2 dining room tips that you can apply.

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