8 minimalist living room interiors, the best 2×1, the most spacious

8 minimalist living room interiors, the best 2×1, the most spacious

minimalist interior of the living room

Discover the best 2 × 1 tips of the interior of the minimalist living room with atmosphere spacious here in full.

Creating a concept of the interior of the family room at home is very important.

The reason is, this is where all the family members gather to spend time together, so it should be made as comfortable as possible.

Relax, don’t worry if the family room in your home is small.

As well The interior of a minimalist 2×1 family room can also be made beautiful and spacious with the right design.

If you are looking for interior design inspiration for a small living room, read this article to the end!

Advice Minimalist Living Room Size 2 × 1 The best Spacious

1. Bright Colors in Limited Land

Narrow space concept

Source: Instagram/@mkahomedecor

For the needs of a narrow space, you can apply this minimalist family room selection with white accents that give the impression of being comfortable and blending in the whole space.

Not only attractive color elements, decorative themes to the green concept also add a refreshing atmosphere.

2. Green elements Full of comfort

Angular colored accents

Source: Instagram/@decormura

The selection of green accents is not only applied to the exterior of the house, but you can apply it to this family room.

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The green concept with decorative accents seems to give an element of unity with the combination of angular L-shaped letters.

There is a selection of relaxed chair accents, to give a relaxed atmosphere at home.

3. Combination of Cream with the open atmosphere

minimalist interior family room size 2x1

Source: Instagram/@idedekorwedding

Beautiful and timeless, it becomes a reference for a minimalist family room measuring 2 × 1 in beige color with an open atmosphere full of comfort.

The decorative theme is beautiful, so you can add the best accessories from the furniture to some of the best wood touches.

To increase the width of the space, it never hurts to add a large window so that it seems spacious.

4. Comfortable Lesehan Concept

Dim 2x1 minimalist family room

Source: Instagram/@lisa_yunita22

In order not to be cramped in a narrow space, there is nothing wrong with realizing the concept of a comfortable lesehan room like this inspiration.

Lesehan elements with carpets are combined with decorative walls to minimalist and functional tools.

You can make this lesehan family room a spacious place to relax, especially for family gatherings.

5. Beautiful All Purple

Attractive purple color

Source: Instagram/@astri_purplehomie

Not only the functional value, the aesthetic elements are also a priority, like this purple living room interior.

This beautiful purple concept gives a comfortable and spacious impression with a combination of green accents.

The selection of attractive colors with wide elements adds to the impression of comfort as well as splendor.

6. Lesehan with Industrial Concept

Industrial decorative design by lesehan

Source: Instagram/@rumahpertigaan

You can present a simple and timeless living room with this industrial lesehan element.

The concept of lesehan with a collection of wood accents to a gray-brown textured carpet adds to the impression of being unified in a wide open space.

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Do not forget, you can add small green plants to the mirrors as accessories in the house.

7. Minimalist Living Room Interior Size 2 × 1 with Theme Open Space

Green open concept

Source: Instagram/@rumah.bg

Even in a narrow area, the choice of the topic open space for a minimalist living room is the best way to add an accent of good visibility.

The shape of a room without a partition with different windows and open glass will certainly give a comfortable atmosphere at home.

Not only are the elements of a spacious room, you can combine it with a combination of green and vertical gardens that can make the family feel more comfortable to gather.

8. Bright colors with a relaxing atmosphere

Interior of a rustic 2x1 size minimalist family room

Source: Instagram/@ririnea_home

The bright concept is not only from the color selection, but you can apply it with a minimalist rattan texture.

The rattan structure seems to blend with white accents to a beautiful combination of dry plants in the house.

To unify the elements of the family room, you can combine with white accents to a minimalist parquet full of tenderness.

Here are some tips for the best interior of the minimalist living room 2 × 1 that you can apply on a limited land, but also comfortable at the same time. spacious

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