8 Minimalist Living Room Chandelier Inspirations for Aesthetic Residential

8 Minimalist Living Room Chandelier Inspirations for Aesthetic Residential

The minimalist inspiration of the living room lamp

Minimalist living room lighting can evoke the meeting room to be more attractive. Check out the inspiration below.

The living room is the most comfortable place to chat with friends, relatives and family.

Therefore, the appearance of an attractive living room can make the gathering atmosphere more pleasant.

One thing that can be done is to arrange decorative lights to make this room look more aesthetic.

Although it seems simple, the right lighting decoration can make the living room more lively, that’s itProperty People.

Property site Rumah123 summarizes 8 minimalist living room lighting inspirations that you can use as references below.

Check out the full review together, go!

8 Minimalist living room lighting inspiration Aesthetic

1. Small Living Room Lamp Design

a small living room lamp

Source: instagram.com/ruangtamu options/

The first inspiration to make a small living room in your home look more beautiful, use a sitting lamp.

You can put this lamp on a table right on the corner or corner of the room so that the light can reflect on the walls.

However, to make the room feel brighter, you can also add lights to the top of the ceiling, yes.

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2. Minimalist Living Room Chandelier Design

Minimalist living room chandelier design

Source: instagram.com/mommy.etha/

The second inspiration to make the living room more lively is to add a chandelier to the top of the room.

There are many variations of chandeliers that you can choose and adjust to the feeling of the room at home.

For example, with an abstract pattern like the example above that provides its own aesthetic value.

3. Living Room Ceiling Light Design

living room ceiling light.jpg

Source: informazone.com

You can use the next chandelier model with multifunctional objects, such as lamps, and install it on the ceiling of the living room.

In addition to being able to provide a cooler atmosphere when talking with the family at home, the room also becomes brighter.

To support the decoration, be sure to adjust the concept of the room, yes, Property People.

4. Industrial Style Lamp

Industrial Style Lamp

Source: haibunda.com

You can apply the next inspiration for the home with an industrial style living room concept like the picture above.

Choosing the right light color can also make the room feel warmer and livelier.

You can try to put a lamp sitting in the corner of the room with a coffee table or choosing standing lamp.

5. Standing lamp Minimalist

Minimalis suspension lamp

Source: home-designing.com

You can also apply a floor lamp to a modern minimalist living room that brings a little color.

The shape of the lamp that stands and looks like the picture gives its own aesthetic value to the room.

Match the color of the pole with furniture or other suitable household furniture to make it look integrated with the room.

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6. Bright lights for the Living Room in the Corner

Bright lamp for the living room in Corner

Source: thespruce.com

There is no specific reference point for placing a chandelier in every room of the house, including the living room.

You can put a candlestick with watts which is quite large and bright in the corner of the room.

To ensure that the light is diffused in the room, try to use furniture or a light paint color or white.

7. Bamboo Cover Lamp Design

Minimalist living room lamp in bamboo

Source: modsy.com

This living room lamp with a bamboo cover or shell can beautify the living room.

Combine with the color or shades of brown style rustic to make the room more alive.

You can also combine it with different room decorations, such as carpets, tables, straw benches, and others.

8. Sitting Lamp Lounge

seat lamp

Source: instagram.com/ruangtamu options/

This type of seat lamp is also suitable for use as one of the decorations of the living room to make it more charming.

Choose the size of the lamp that fits the area of ​​the room so that it is not too big or too small.

Then, put it in the corner of the room and leave it overnight to make the room elegant.


It is the inspiration for the minimalist lights of the living room that can make the room more alive and colorful.

Hope useful, yes!

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