8 Minimalist Houses 1×1 in Courtyard, Suitable for Narrow Lands

8 Minimalist Houses 1×1 in Courtyard, Suitable for Narrow Lands

1x1 minimalist courtyard

Find tips for a minimalist 1×1 backyard that you can apply at home. Find out here!

In a house, the green area is one of the most essential things for aesthetics and for air circulation in the house.

As it is green area, the house looks beautiful and feels fresh.

But what if the land at home is limited?

Do not worry, you can make a green garden even in a narrow area, as in the yard of a minimalist house 1 × 1 meter for example.

How? To make it easier for you, just take a look at the design inspiration below!

Best 1×1 Minimalist Backyard Home Inspiration 2022 for Dream House

You can find the best inspirations for your dream house through this image:

1. Dry white color combination

Courtyard with dry garden

Source: Instagram/@Rumahpape

The first recommendation that you can choose is the concept of a dry garden behind the house with white accents.

The design of the courtyard of this house gives a unique impression that is timeless, so the atmosphere is not boring.

This dry garden concept will be very suitable to be created as a versatile open space at home.

2. Backyard Minimalist 1 × 1 Bali Concept

Minimalist house in courtyard 1x1 Balinese concept

Source: Instagram/@roemah333

The inspiration for the next garden design is Balinese accents with open elements full of freshness.

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The green accents on the tall leaves produce excellent air circulation so you can relax at home.

There are sofas with wooden accent floors, so you can do various productive activities.

3. Equipped with Swing for Relaxation

Combined with a nice swing

Source: Instagram/@yulinaindah

When you get rid of it, it is never bad for you to create a yard of size 1 × 1 with a swing concept.

You can combine this swing element with a decorative wooden floor so that it looks comfortable and elegant in the corner of the house.

Not only the combination of the two, you can also apply wine so that it adds a refreshing impression.

4. Classical Rock Accent

Decorative stone design

Source: Instagram/@orchidliavera

For lovers of classic design, backyard tips like this are the best way to realize your dream home.

Not only as a relaxing room, you can also make this place to drink tea in a fun house.

There are stone accents to minimalist chairs so you can enjoy time with the family.

5. Industrial Rustic Concept

Minimalist 1x1 closed courtyard with a rustic concept

Source: Instagram/@maisondevir

You can present the next choice with an accent rustic very beautiful industrial like this picture.

The minimalistic and aesthetic concepts seem to mix as the best correct with a closed design.

Meanwhile, this space will be perfect for those of you who enjoy outdoor activities with the family.

6. Industrial closed

1x1 minimalist courtyard

Source: Instagram/@lalanuzula

To meet a high level of privacy, there is nothing wrong with applying a minimalist courtyard in a closed way.

This closed design will be very suitable for various activities in the comfortable house on green ground.

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Although designed closed, but the air circulation in this place seems very good.

7. 1 × 1 Minimalist Backyard for Picnic

Green accents on a wooden texture background

Source: Instagram/@rumahnolan

This relaxed concept for a picnic is the right inspiration to create the best course.

You can create an open green element in an interesting way as an additional space in the house.

Not only picnics, you can make this place to do different activities ranging from eating to meeting.

8. Small in Back Area

Minimalist backyard 1x1 cactus pond

Credit: Instagram/@griyarjuna

Regarding space limitations, you can also apply a minimalist design of the courtyard 1 × 1 as this inspiration.

The decorative concept with a small pond looks very elegant with the texture flowing in the house.

In addition to the water pool, you can also add a cactus tree that gives a beautiful and unified impression.


It is the recommendation for a unique and functional minimalist 1×1 courtyard for the Owners, I hope it is useful!

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