8 Minimalist furniture for narrow apartments

8 Minimalist furniture for narrow apartments

minimalist apartment

Now, many people are starting to change to living in apartments. In addition to being considered more practical, minimalist apartments also offer many comfortable facilities.

Usually, apartments are divided into several types, viz studio apartmentattic, 2 bedroom3 bedroomduplex, gardenand Penthouse. Well, the studio apartment type is a favorite for many people, especially for those who live alone.

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Studio apartments are usually just one room and can be used for many things. In general, this apartment has a room area of ​​20 square meters.

Because the size is quite small, of course, we have to be smart in the choice and arrangement of the furniture so that the apartment does not feel stuffy and stuffy.

So, what furniture is suitable for apartments? Minimalist type Studio?

For those of you who have just moved into a studio apartment, we have some tips for minimalist furniture that can be used below.

1. Multifunctional Sofa Bed

Most of our time is spent sitting relaxed while enjoying a snack on the couch. It is not surprising that this piece of furniture is a must in every residence.

In order not to take up space, you can use the sofa bed equipped with shelves, like our inspiration below. In this way, you can get more storage space.

minimalist apartment sofa bed
Use a sofa bed with storage shelves to save space.

2. Minimalist Dining Table Set

Although it does not have a large space, you can still enjoy the food comfortably. Just use a minimalist dining table between the kitchen and the family room, like the following inspiration.

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So that the dining table looks more beautiful, you can install it table runner and put flower pot on

Minimalist apartment dining table
Place a minimalist dining table in a place you rarely go.

3. TV rack

To place the TV at eye level, we can use a shelf equipped with storage drawers. So, you can also store other electronic devices like speakers If there is space left, put a display to enhance the look of the TV shelf.

Minimalist furniture TV stand
Use a minimalist TV rack to support the TV and store other electronic devices.

4. Coffee table

Table they became an important piece of furniture used to place goods, food and guests. For apartments, you can use it coffee table small size equipped with a bench, such as the following.

So, you can get an extra seat in the family room. To make it look charming, choose a table color that matches the other furniture in the room.

minimalist apartment table
Use a versatile and space-saving coffee table for a place to relax and put snacks.

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