8 Minimalist bathroom design inspirations with shower. Cool!

8 Minimalist bathroom design inspirations with shower. Cool!

collection of minimalist bathroom designs with shower

You need inspiration for a minimalist bathroom design shower for your residence? Check it out in the following article, OK!

Use it shower in the bathroom is the best choice to save space.

However, make sure you pay attention to the internal arrangement, OK?

In this way, the activities in the bathroom feel more comfortable and pleasant.

As inspiration, here are some minimalist bathroom design inspirations shower that you can imitate!

8 Minimalist Bathroom Design Inspirations With shower

1. Bathroom shower Black and white tones

minimalist bathroom design inspiration with shower

Source: instagram.com/alkemisyabahtiar

First, you can imitate a bathroom with this elongated shape.

Residents put a toilet seat, a hanging sink, and shower subsequently from the area near the door.

Then, cover the wall area with patterned tiles metro classic white and cover the floor with vinyl.

You can also see the use of black bathroom furniture that effectively removes the impression of monotony in the interior.

2. Minimalist bathroom design with shower

Industrial minimalist shower bathroom design

Source: instagram.com/omahtarajecimahi

In the bathroom shower In it, you can see a touch of industrial concept.

Residents use gray tiles that look like concrete to cover the floor.

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Then, mix with exposed concrete walls and shower black to add an elegant effect.

3. Minimalist bathroom with multifunctional shower

multifunctional interior of a small shower area

Source: instagram.com/rumah_impian_koe

The next idea is to join the bathroom shower and area laundry room.

In this way, you can maximize the use of land in your home.

In anticipation of water splashes in the bathroom, install a glass wall around it shower

Then, place a bath mat nearby so you can dry your feet more easily before going out.

4. Bathroom design shower with terrazzo accents

minimalist bathroom design ideas with shower

Source: instagram.com/bumiphilar

bath shower this has a very small size.

However, the arrangement seems comfortable because the residents always install a partition between the bathroom and shower areas.

In addition, the dominant use of white effectively makes the room appear more spacious thanks to its ability to reflect light.

If you are worried that it will look boring, you can use white terrazzo tiles on the floor.

5. Interior Green Bathroom with shower

minimalist green bathroom design with shower

Source: instagram.com/dirumah.ps

The interior of this bathroom looks beautiful aesthetic thanks to the use of sage-colored paint on dry areas.

As for the wet bathroom area, the occupants seem to cover the entire wall surface with white tiles.

Then, there is a large glass wall that separates these two areas so that the water does not splash everywhere when you shower.

6. Inspiration for an elegant bathroom

black and white bathroom interior

Source: instagram.com/kayandkhal

The next idea is to combine the use of tiles metro white and black ceramic plaster.

In this way, the wall of the bathroom will be more characteristic and elegant.

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So, you can use it shower and gold faucets and pipes in the bathroom.

Do not forget, also complete the room with the appropriate lighting from lamps.

7. Area shower with patterned tiles

bathroom design inspirations with shower at home

Source: instagram.com/lahouseid

You can also consider using white and white tiles on the walls of the shower area.

So, use the tiles metro and white ceramic stucco on other walls.

In this way, the display area shower it will be more prominent in the eye.

8. Area shower Aesthetic At home

aesthetic bathroom area design inspiration

Source: instagram.com/enoughhomey

Finally, you can arrange the pottery with patterns herringbone of area shower

Then, use terrazzo tiles for the floor and top of the bathroom cabinet.

The combination of these two elements will make the bath shower yours seems more aesthetic.


I hope a collection of minimalist bathroom designs with shower this is useful for you, yes.

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