8 Kongliong modern designs, make the interior of the house more beautiful

8 Kongliong modern designs, make the interior of the house more beautiful

modern congling

Are you looking for a modern kongliong design to beautify your residential interior? Go ahead, find the best picks through the following reviews!

According to Mande Austriono in one of his uploads on his Twitter account, a kongliong is an opening or hole between two areas that works as a link between these areas.

In general, on the kongliong there is an ornament in the form of wood or other materials that serve as a confirmation of the changes in function between one room and another.

In its application, kongliong is often found in the design of luxurious and magnificent houses.

A number of modern kongliong designs are also performed to beautify the residential interior and make the contents of the house feel elegant.

Therefore, do not be surprised if the ornaments on the kongliong that are attached also vary according to the concept that is worn.

So, as a reference, we present modern kongliong designs that have been collected from various sources.

The best modern Kongliong design

1. Modern Kongliong all white with minimalist ornaments

modern congling

source: home-designing.com

With kongliong material chalk and the color all white, an elegant impression radiates to whoever sees it.

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A touch of minimalist ornament on the upper area can also make the appearance a little different.

In any case, in general, the combination of white and minimalist ornaments can be an inspiration for those of you who apply it.

2. Kongliong Unique Shape

uniquely shaped arches

source: pinterest.coma/drianocuris31

Choosing a half-oval kongliong shape like the picture above can be used as inspiration for you, the owner of a modern minimalist home.

Functionally, the kongliong looks firm as a difference between one space and another.

To beautify the appearance, let the left and right be carved with the appropriate shape.

3. Kongliong Minimalist Profile

Minimalist kongliong profile

source: behance.net

The emphasis on minimalist style can be seen from the kongliong design which is made of iron material.

Also, the lack of ornaments around it makes kongliong look simple.

However, if you revisit one of the rooms, the design like the picture above becomes very harmonious and creates a classic aura.

4. Congliong Columned luxurious

magnificent arches

source: plasterfireplaces.com

The column kongliong profile that is applied in the house will make the interior like a sultan’s house.

It is not only limited to a support, the pole also feels “powerful” because of the ornament on top.

The selection of ornaments on these poles complement the unique ornaments on the arches.

5. Kongliong Classic Style

classic arch

source: houzz.com

Do you have a luxury home in an area rich in ancestral culture?

If so, wearing kongliong in a classic style combining modern elements is appropriate for you to apply.

Wood material is the best choice with a unique carved shape to support the appearance.

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Meanwhile, a modern touch can be poured through the supporting ornaments such as ceiling patterns or in other areas around.

6. Kongliong Square Profile

modern congling

source: pinterest.com/jkmartin10

The minimalist kongliong profile with a square shape is suitable for application in simple houses.

Later, the residential style, especially in the inner side, feels more magnificent. here we go.

For those of you who want a slightly flashy design, differentiate the color of the wall paint from the kongliong so that a contradictory impression appears, but instead it looks unique.

7. Kongliong Modern Kekinian

modern congling

The contemporary modern kongliong model for luxury homes, of course, has many options.

Well, there is nothing wrong to bring kongliong as in the picture above, Property People.

The reason is, the aura that radiates really gives the impression of brilliance plus the addition of a long glass in the middle.

Beyond this, the differences between the spaces will be more and more felt even if conceptually one space and another are almost the same.

8. Kongliong Middle Gate

the middle door

source: castrolighting.com

Instead of using a room divider, to provide a different interior design you can emphasize the use of the middle door.

If you emphasize the function, you can minimize the application of ornaments in the surroundings.

In any case, try to continue to give a touch in the form of an arch to beautify the room.


It is a line of modern kongliong designs that can be used as a reference, Property People.

I hope the review is useful, yes.

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