8 Interesting Characters in LEGO Friends, Did You Know?

8 Interesting Characters in LEGO Friends, Did You Know?

Lego Friends new room

Do you want to give an educational gift in the form of a toy for your child? Don’t worry, you can just choose LEGO. You see, LEGO toys can train your child’s sensory skills by introducing colors and textures, you know!

In addition, there are different types of LEGO suitable for boys and girls. One of which is LEGO toys Friends that consists of eight interesting characters.

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What is LEGO Friends?

Currently, LEGO Friends has been launched since January 2012 in North America. In the past, there were five female characters in LEGO Friends, namely Andrea, Olivia, Stephanie, Mia and Emma.

Well, the five characters are said to live in a fictional suburb called Heartlake City. However, in January 2023 yesterday, the Friends theme was relaunched with all new characters, you know!

Each of these new characters has their own interests, from animal lovers to beauticians. Very interesting, right?

So, who are the new LEGO Friends characters?

So here are eight new LEGO Friends characters that you can give to your little ones.

1. New

The LEGO Friends character Nova has curly, white-yellow hair. In the story, Nova has a cute dog named marinated.

He always takes this dog with him when he travels. So, if your child likes dogs, you can give a LEGO Friends gift whose character is Nova!

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LEGO Friends New Room 41755

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2. Zech

Zac’s character is the kind of guy who likes martial arts. He also likes motorcycle racing with his friends, you know! In addition to being outgoing, Zac is known as a silly character and loves to joke around, so his friends love being around him.

Here is the LEGO Friends Zac character that you can give to your little one.

Lego Friends Zac character
LEGO Friends Heartlake Inter School 41731

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3. Liann

Liann has black hair with bangs parted in the middle. From a young age, Liann liked to carry a sketchbook to draw different things on trips.

You see, Liann’s dream is to be a comic book illustrator. Besides that, Liann also likes to play skateboardyou know!

characters Lego Friends liann
LEGO Friends Liann Room 41739

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4. Autumn

Autumn has limitations because she only has one arm. However, Autumn is a very active female character, you know! He likes to make fires, catch fish in the sea, and set up tents for camping. So cool, huh?

Character Lego Friends Autumn
LEGO Friends Autumn House 41730

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5. Aliyah

He is one of the most active characters in LEGO Friends. As he could not, he likes to keep busy by participating in extracurricular activities, doing homework, and even volunteering at animal shelters.

When she’s relaxed, Aliya likes to go horseback riding with Autumn in the countryside. Here is a recommendation for a LEGO Friends toy with the character Aliya.

Lego Friends Aliya characters
LEGO Friends Aliya Hall 41740

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6. Paisley

If Paisley likes music because it is considered a place for self-expression. Not surprisingly, Paisley often sings a song on stage while playing guitar. It’s just that, she was a little shy when she was backstage.

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lego paisley
LEGO Friends Paisley House 41724

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7. Leo

Well, this character likes to help his grandmother cook in the kitchen, you know! That’s why, now he is good in the kitchen and can make delicious dishes, here.

In addition to cooking, Leo also likes to do various interesting activities on the beach, such as surfing, searching for shells and playing. paddle board. Come on, let’s introduce your child to the following Leo characters!

I read
LEGO Friends Leo Room 41754

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8. Olly

The final character in LEGO Friends is Olly who makes an appearance stylish because he is a fashion designer. Usually, Olly is active on social media to share his designs. Cool?

LEGO Friends Autumn House 41730
LEGO Friends Autumn House 41730

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So, there you have it, eight LEGO Friends toy characters that you can give to your little ones. So, which character will your child like?

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