8 Inspirations Simple Beautiful Home Terrace

8 Inspirations Simple Beautiful Home Terrace

The terrace of the house is a very essential part of a house. Its existence is very necessary to give the first impression of a good house. Therefore, it is necessary to make a beautiful but simple terrace of a beautiful house.

In addition to giving the first impression of the appearance of a house, the terrace of the house also has a functional aspect. For example, to receive guests just to relax in front of the house.

But unfortunately, houses in urban areas that generally lack land are still difficult to design an optimal terrace because it is linked to expensive land prices.

Therefore, you need to know some beautiful terrace design inspirations that you can apply even if the land you have is quite limited.

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Tips to make a beautiful home terrace

So that you can make a beautiful unique terrace, of course you have to apply the right decoration to the terrace of the house.

Therefore, here are some tips that you can do to maximize the decoration of your terrace:

1. Use live plants

Plants are one of the important decorations to be present on the terrace of the house. In addition to providing fresh air, living plants are able to give the feeling of a terrace that is clean, fresh and comfortable to look at.

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Some of the plants you can use are betel ivory, Japanese fern, elephant ear and many more. However, you also have to take care of these plants and do not let the plants you use die or become sterile.

2. Rock Ornaments on the Wall

Stone decorations or ornaments on the walls can give your terrace a fresher and more beautiful atmosphere. Stone walls are also very pleasing to the eye, so they can provide more comfort to the front view of your home.

You need several neutral color options such as black, gray or cream so that the stone ornaments look more natural.

3. Using Grassland

To make your terrace look more natural and minimalist, grassy soil is a common solution. Grass is also very suitable when combined with decorations such as rocks and wooden ornaments.

In addition, you can add furniture such as wooden chairs to add a beautiful and elegant impression to the terrace of your beautiful home.

4. Floor Made from Natural

Do not forget, choosing the type of floor material on the terrace of the house is also important. Materials such as wood, natural stone or paving can give the impression of a natural and fresh terrace.

This is suitable to be combined with rock ornaments and live grass that you have on your terrace.

Beautiful Home Terrace Design Inspiration

Having a beautiful terrace is certainly an important thing for a house. In addition to giving a good impression, a beautiful terrace can provide comfort for the owner of the house.

Here are some home terrace design inspirations that you can apply to maximize your home terrace design, as follows:

1. Garden Theme House Terrace

The terrace of the house is beautiful with a garden feel
Garden terrace house (Photo: haibunda.com)

Having a terrace with lots of plant decorations is a pleasure. In addition to getting fresh oxygen from these plants, your home will look even more natural and beautiful.

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You can use pots or terracotta as containers for plants. For table furniture and small chairs, you can use wooden tables and chairs. Don’t forget to add some pillows to add to your comfort.

2. House Terrace with Natural Stone Decoration

When you want to arrange your terrace in this way, natural stone decoration is a design that you should consider. This design looks quite simple and yet unique which presents a natural and natural feeling.

You can also place tables and chairs that have black iron frames to make your terrace look much more attractive. Do not forget to add a few live plants so that the feeling is not too dry.

3. Core of the White House

The heart of the house is all white
The heart of the house is all white

White is a color that is attractive enough to be used as a color on the terrace of a beautiful house. Besides being a bright color, you can also combine it with different furniture and decorations easily.

Add a few potted ornamental plants. In addition, you can also use white tables and chairs with the texture of brick walls.

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4. Wood Shades House Terrace

Wooden terrace house
Wooden terrace house

The shade of wood in the terrace of the house is one of the designs that you should apply. Especially if you like things that smell natural with a distinctive wood texture and an elegant wood color.

You can add wooden tables and chairs with some extra small cushions for extra comfort. If necessary, you can also add ornamental plants in small pots that are placed on the table.

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5. Vintage Style House Terrace

Vintage house terrace
Vintage house terrace (Photo: blog.rumahdewi.com)

For those of you who like vintage style, you can apply a vintage style design to your beautiful terrace. This terrace looks so simple with a touch of neat plant decorations.

The floor is not so luxurious, only with simple tiles, but it looks nice. You can put a wooden chair and add some potted plants to give it an old school or vintage feel.

6. Core Open House

Beautiful outdoor terrace
Outdoor terrace

You can create a beautiful unique terrace, bringing the concept of an open terrace. But what you need to pay attention to is the selection of materials that are waterproof so as not to be easily damaged.

You can add a set of tables and chairs to use to relax or even receive guests. If necessary, you can add a few living plants so that the terrace does not look too monotonous.

7. Core of the Gray House

You can also find the impression of a simple home terrace design on an elegant gray terrace. With the dominant gray color, you can combine it with a variety of white and black furniture.

The addition of ornamental plants is still in line with the simple gray concept, but still has an elegant impression. This type of terrace is perfect for those of you who like to relax in front of the house.

8. Terrace of Casa Pastel

For those of you who want a feminine feeling, the terrace of a beautiful house with pastel colors is the answer. You can combine it with white and pink wall colors.

As for the furniture, you can use rattan wood tables and chairs. In addition to aesthetics, your terrace will be more comfortable and look natural.

So, these are some beautiful and unique terrace designs that you can apply to your home. How? Of course, you can imitate the various designs mentioned above. I hope this article is helpful!