8 Inspirations for Living Room Dividers from the Wall. House so Aesthetic!

8 Inspirations for Living Room Dividers from the Wall. House so Aesthetic!

the living room divider from the wall

Eight living room partitions from this minimalist wall are suitable to beautify the home. Find inspiration in the following article review.

A modern minimalist living room divider can be applied to the home to make it look more attractive.

If generally people make wooden room dividers or home furniture, you can try a different way.

The reason is, the room divider can also add to the aesthetic value of the home if you choose well.

Just choose a partition with a dividing wall pattern for the living room and family room.

You can also create a room divider by presenting a living room and kitchen partition.

Although there are actually many home partitions, such as plastic room dividers and living room partitions. portable.

In any case, the partition of the living room from the wall is more efficient to use and should not be moved.

Listen to the inspiration together, of!

1. Partition of the living room and the kitchen

Partition of the living room and the kitchen

Source: Aristag.com

Recently, the design of a living room and kitchen without a partition is really a trend, certainly related to the concept of open space.

However, for those of you who want more atmosphere privacy can add a barrier between the two, that’s it.

There is no need to make a high and full bulkhead, you can make it simpler with walls glass block.

In addition to looking beautiful, the room also continues to share light and light, of

2. Partitions of the living room and the family

Living Room and Family Room

Source: ruangarsitek.id

The bulkhead of this wooden wall can be a separator of the living room and the family room or it can be with other rooms.

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Make a partition by leaving an empty space on one side as a connector.

Add decorations to the living room to make it more attractive, such as paintings or other decorations.

The choice of paint color with a mixture of wood accents also makes the house more elegant.

3. Living Room Dividers and Access to Bedrooms

Room room divider

Source: Bukalapak.com

You can apply this room divider model to a small house or minimalist residence.

Usually, small houses have a living room that can lead to the bedroom, so you need a partition as a way to keep a private area.

Just make a wall partition and decorate it with furniture that is close to the wall, it can be used as a sofa or a small wardrobe.

4. Small Living Room Dividers

Small Living Room Dividers

Source: orami.co.id

Living room partitions like this are usually found in type 36 houses or other minimalist residential types.

A minimalist home may need a small bulkhead as a sweetener while maintaining privacy.

You have boundaries between living rooms aesthetic with a minimalist home kitchen.

5. Insulation Wall from GRC Board

GRC Council

Source: Sekatpartisi.com

If you want to use another type of partition, the GRC material can be a living room partition from an elegant wall.

Block form wall This can be adjusted as desired, for example forming roots or leaves.

The placement can also be arranged to make it simpler, but still looks luxurious and elegant.

6. Block the Roster in the House

Dividers for home toasters

Source: Natuurbrick.com

bulkhead list it can also be a living room divider and other rooms such as the family room or the dining room.

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This type of partition looks modern with a fairly simple use, look for a partition with a nice design.

You can also get lighting or natural light even if the room has a barrier.

7. Minimalist Half-Wall Dividers

Minimalist half-wall bulkhead

Source: yahoo.com

The divider of the living room from the wall can also be applied half of the body as the picture.

Add partitions such as glass or other types of interesting materials such as wood or roster.

Be sure to add to the concept of the interior design of the house to make it look harmonious.

8. Insulation Walls from Brick

Brick walls

Sumber: Line today

For those of you who carry the concept of a beautiful brick house, the partition like the picture is certainly very inspiring, of

You can separate the living room and the bedroom in this way aesthetic like this.

A special impression can also be seen when adding to the decoration of small lights in the living room, that’s it.


It is the divider of the living room from the wall that can be an inspiration to beautify the house.

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