8 Ideas Easy to Imitate Living Room Walls

8 Ideas Easy to Imitate Living Room Walls

To beautify a room, of course, there are many ways you can do it, like doing wall molding. This is a technique that is quite common to enhance the feel of a room to be more modern and aesthetic.

Materials or materials commonly used for moulding The walls are gypsum, PVC, wood materials. Usually this decoration technique is used to cover uneven walls. However, today many use it to decorate the living room to make it more attractive.

There are tons of styles you can use to create moulding on your living room wall. Starting from the American style, victory, and classical themes. To find out some inspiring ideas for wall molding your living room, see the full review below:

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Advantages of use Wall molding

Molding wall o wall molding is a decoration technique that uses wood printed as desired on the walls of the house. Currently, many people want a minimalist home design using techniques moulding on the bedroom wall.

Of course, it can make the room more luxurious and aesthetic. Here are some advantages when you use it wall molding on the walls of your house:

1. It gives an elegant effect

It doesn’t need to be confusing anymore to create an elegant effect in your home. Doing the technique moulding on the wall of your living room, then it gives an elegant and not excessive impression.

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Although it gives the impression of elegance and luxury, moulding on the walls of the house also maintain a simple or minimalist impression. Therefore it is suitable to be applied to many modern housing models of today.

In addition to its function as a room sweetener, moulding it also works to cover the uneven walls of your living room. In this way, you don’t need to disassemble it, but just cover it with moulding what have you done

Thus, installation moulding on an uneven wall will make it appear that the surface is flat. This method is perfect for hiding the border between the wall and the uneven ceiling.

3. Beautify the room

The main purpose of the installation wall molding Of course, it is to beautify the design of your home room. Home wall designs that rely solely on house paint colors or wallpaper it must have been boring.

Because of that, moulding useful for beautifying a room with wooden list creations that you can use in different shapes and colors.

The color used moulding the walls do not need to be the color of the walls of your living room. Of course, you can create according to your wishes.

4. It can be used in all areas

It is not only used in the living room, wall molding Of course, it can be used in many other areas. This is because the living room in general receives a special room decoration because it is visited more often.

But basically the installation moulding it can be done in another room. Like a house that implements design American stylethen installation moulding can be used in the dining room, the family room, even in the bedroom.

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Inspirations Wall molding Minimalist living room

Here’s some inspiration molding wall that you can apply to your minimalist living room:

1. Design Molding All white wall

All white wall
All white masonry (Photo: home-designing.com)

The white color is identical to the minimalist color that is often used as a decoration color. Using moulding which is all white, then your minimalist living room will feel wider and cooler.

Apart from giving a wide and fresh impression, the occupants of the house will also get more comfort by enjoying the beautiful decoration designs of the room.

2. Design Molding Dark colored wall

Dark wall molding
Dark masonry (Photo: homelane.com)

For those of you who like dark colors, then the design moulding this you can make a choice. Even so, basically the use of dark colors in a minimalist home design is enough delicate.

To combine clean designs, you can use wood in decorations so that your room does not look monotonous. So that your living room becomes more elegant and luxurious.

3. Design Molding Wooden wall

Wooden masonry
Wooden masonry (Photo: decoist.com)

There is no need to doubt the wooden elements in a minimalist home. Providing a warm and attractive design is the sign moulding this wooden wall.

You can determine which rooms should be given moulding this. The wood material used must be real wood to provide good durability.

4. Design Molding Classic wall

Klasik print wall
Classic wall molding (Photo: thespruce.com)

For those of you who like the classic style, there is nothing wrong with trying to make one moulding classic style wall. The classic style is offered in nature wall molding This gives an elegant, but still simple impression.

So, you can decorate other parts in order moulding on the wall of your house has a neat design unit.

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5. Design Molding Government style wall

Royal themed wall print
Royal themed wall molding (Photo: housing.com)

Even if your home is quite minimalist, you can still use the design moulding walls with royal style. This gives a very luxurious effect like the government in the past.

6. Design Molding Wall frame

Wall picture frame
Wall picture frame

One of a kind moulding The wall that is often used in many homes is the frame style. This model is inspired by many types of frames with square and rectangular shapes.

You can define a variety of colors moulding according to the dominant design color in your minimalist living room. Type wall molding this certainly does not give the impression of exaggeration in your room.

7. Design Molding Wall with paint

Painting is a piece of furniture that can generally add an aesthetic impression to a room. You can use it on moulding the wall you made.

However, you need to ensure the area of ​​the painting with the design moulding what do you have Make sure the size is appropriate so that it is comfortable to see. Therefore, moulding on your wall can be used as a frame.

8. Design Molding Cross X Model Wall

Cross X print wall
X-cross walls (Photo: pinterest)

The X cross model or as it is known criss cross on the design wall molding often used for residents who like the appearance of an attractive design. To avoid going overboard, you can only use the top half.

For the size of the X cross you use, of course, it can be adapted to your wishes. As with the color selection, you can use neutral colors such as white or cream.

Well, here are some ideas wall molding minimalist living room that you can apply to your own residence. Applying decorations like moulding the walls of the house, then surely your house will be more luxurious and attractive to see.