8 Home Folding Stairs Design Inspirations. Save space!

8 Home Folding Stairs Design Inspirations. Save space!

folding stairs design ideas collection

Determining the design of a folding staircase is not difficult, here we go. Here are some inspirations!

To maximize the use of land at home, you can build a folding staircase as access between floors.

In this way, when it is not in use, its presence does not fill the room.

You can fold it sideways or up to make the room look more spacious.

Confused about which design to use?

Go ahead, just look at the inspiration for folding ladder designs in the following article!

8 Home Folding Stairs Design Inspirations

1. Simple wooden folding ladder

simple wooden folding ladder design

Source: handcrafted.com

First, you can use a folding wooden ladder as in the picture above.

When open, the shape looks normal with small steps and handles on the side.

However, if it is pushed to the side, all the parts will turn flat so that they can adhere to the wall.

It is enough to close it so that the stairs do not open suddenly and injure the occupants of the house.

2. Small Folding Ladder Design

folding bamboo ladder

Source: drippingideas.com

The next option is to take smaller steps to make yourself look slimmer.

Then, install the handle or railing ladder extending to the end.

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However, a design like this is really ideal only for occupation without the elderly and children.

Therefore, you need to reconsider the comfort of the occupants of the house before building.

3. Iron and wooden stairs

folding ladder design inspiration

Source: instagram.com/ruma.ghi

This folding ladder design combines the use of wood and iron materials.

Therefore, the shape of the staircase looks more solid when it is open.

The steps are made wide with the distance between the boards high enough to save material.

Then, as a safeguard when the ladder is folded, the occupants add a slot in the middle.

4. Stairs with Unique Graffiti

unique folding ladder design

Source: thehooksite.com

If you want the staircase to look unique, try to combine it with graffiti.

Decorate the wall area with a painting that you like, then connect the painting to the side area of ​​the stairs.

To make it look more aesthetic, make a hole that follows the shape of the staircase in the wall area.

In this way, when the stairs are closed, the paintings on the sides blend even more with those on the surface of the walls of the house.

5. Minimalist staircase by Wood

unique scale inspiration

Source: thehooksite.com

This folding ladder design can also be an option for your minimalist home.

The ramp looks unique because it is triangular in shape with beveled ends.

In addition to this, on the surface of the stairs in this house there is a line pattern that looks like a chip puzzle.

As a safety measure, you can install a latch or iron lock in the middle of the stairs.

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6. Minimalist staircase design

small scale ideas at home

Source: instagram.com/ingen3d

You can also consider building a staircase without a passage or railing, here we go.

However, make sure that the steps are sturdy so that you can feel safer when using them.

So, choose a wood material to build this staircase and mix it with an all white interior.

The goal is that the presence of stairs seems more integrated with the general concept of the room,

7. Stairs to the Ceiling

Folding roof ladder design

Source: instagram.com/_bangseongcheol_

In addition to side folding, you can also make the ladder fold, here we go.

That is, the area you use to store the stairs is the roof of the house, not the walls.

A folding ladder design like this is perfect for access to the attic or roof area.

To open and close the stairs, just pull with a stick.

8. Hidden Folding Ladder Design

small staircase to the attic

Source: chrome-effect.ru

Finally, you can also consider this unique folding staircase as access to the attic.

The ladder is made to fold and attach to a ceiling panel.

Then, you can close the panel so that the existence of the stairs is completely hidden.

To be able to use the ladder, just use a long stick to pull the board open.


These are a number of folding ladder design ideas that you can emulate.

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