8 healthy fasting tips so that the body does not weaken easily

8 healthy fasting tips so that the body does not weaken easily

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As the month of Ramadan approaches, surely you will be preparing to start fasting, right? Also, when fasting, the body easily becomes limp for not having enough intake.

Therefore, fasting in a healthy way is important. This is to ensure that the health of the body during worship is maintained properly.

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So, how do you keep your body from going limp during fasting?

Here are some healthy fasting tips that you can do when the month of fasting arrives next.

1. Meet the needs of body fluids

Lack of body fluids can cause weakness, decreased appetite, chapped lips and headaches. In addition, the body needs fluid intake of 2 liters per day or the equivalent of 8 glasses.

For this reason, when fasting you need to do rules for drinking water with a 2-2-4 model, ie 2 glasses at dawn, 2 glasses to break the fast, and 4 glasses at dinner.

Also, be sure to avoid sugary drinks during the fast as they can make your body thirsty quickly.

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You can use it drinking bottles with the following size of 250ml to make it easier to measure the amount of fluid that enters the body when breaking fast.

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2. Take care to eat portions

During the fast, be sure to keep the portion of food consumed, both at dawn and when you break your fast. Avoid consuming excess food with the purpose of replenishing energy during fasting.

Consuming large portions actually causes the body to sleep and the stomach becomes bloated. Therefore, make sure you eat the portion you normally consume so that your stomach does not get upset, especially at dawn.

Also, make sure that the menu for sahur and iftar contains healthy and wholesome nutrition, such as fruits and vegetables.

3. Do activities as usual

Avoid excuses for hunger as a guarantee not to do any activity. During fasting, you still need to do your usual activities to be more productive and to maintain a healthy body.

healthy fasting tips

4. Do light exercise

To keep your body in shape during fasting, you also need to do sports. There is no need for intense exercise, just do light exercises, such as walking, jogging for 10 minutes, yoga, or doing housework.

Also make sure to stretch before exercise so that the body is not stiff and can cause muscle cramps.

Well, we have a recommendation sports equipment which you can use during the month of fasting, such as the following.

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5. Avoid sweet foods and drinks

Avoid consuming sweet foods and drinks because they can cause thirst more quickly. It is true that consuming something sweet can increase energy, but it is not recommended to consume it, especially at dawn.

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You can also consume sweet foods and drinks when you break the fast. Even so, don’t overdo it, okay?

Make sure you know the normal limits for sugar consumption to avoid unwanted things, such as increased blood sugar levels and obesity.

6. Complete Nutrition and Fiber Needs

Even if you are fasting, you will still meet your nutritional and fiber needs. One way to meet balanced nutritional needs is to consume foods that contain protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and natural fiber.

In addition to this, you also need to consume foods rich in carbohydrates at dawn, such as bread, brown rice, avocado, etc., to store energy reserves. The following is kitchen utensils practice that you can use during the month of fasting.

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7. Reduce Caffeine

The next healthy fasting tip is to cut back on caffeine. You see, caffeine can increase the stimulation of gastric fluid in the body through urine.

It is better for you to consume good mineral water to complement your fluid needs so that your body stays in shape.

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8. Get enough rest

Even on normal days, you are obliged to rest enough, especially during the month of fasting. Make sure you get enough sleep at least 6 hours a day and 7 hours a day for children.

Adequate rest can prevent the body from becoming weak and unable to focus on activities during the day.

Well, you can fulfill your need to improve the quality of sleep by using the following products.

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Here are some healthy fasting tips to keep your body fit and not easily suffocating. Make sure the body has a strong immunity to ward off various viral diseases, OK?

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