8 Handy Electronic Kitchen Gadgets You Must Have

8 Handy Electronic Kitchen Gadgets You Must Have

practical kitchen utensils

As we enter the month of Ramadan, we prepare many things to make our work easier, from cleaning equipment to electronic kitchen utensils. breakfast menu and break the fast.

Diversity less iftar and sahur requires a lot of kitchen utensils, from plates, pans, spatulas, and much more. In fact, we also need electronic cookware to make it more practical in food preparation.

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So, what are electronic kitchen appliances?

So this time, we have some tips for electronic kitchen equipment that can make your life easier.

1. Rice cooker

The first electronic cookware that every home should have is rice cooker to make rice. In addition to being able to cook rice, rice cooker It can also be an alternative kitchen tool for making cakes, you know.

Rice cooker itself has many types and volume capacities, ranging from a capacity of 0.6 liters to 2 liters.

Well, this time we have a recommendation rice cooker which could be an option for you, as follows.

rice cooker practical kitchen tool
Kels Multifunctional Rice Cooker 3.5 Ltr Weldon – White

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digital rice cooker
Rice Cooker Philips 1.8 Ltr Digital Hd4515/33 – Putih

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2. Toaster

If you are not used to consuming rice as a menu for sahur and breakfast, then a baker, which is toaster in, it will be very useful for you. Thus, you can make a variety of delicious bread menu choices.

We have recommendations toaster with cute designs and colors, like the product below.

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sand maker
Sandwich Maker Kels Akira – Silver

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3. Air fryer

Especially for those of you who like the dish crunchy or fried food, then you will need it air fryer.

Air fryer it is a tool for frying with hot air without needing a lot of oil so it is healthier than frying techniques in general.

However, there are some types of food that should not be cooked using it air fryer, you can find out in This article.

Well, we have a recommendation air fryer which you can choose as an alternative to cooking with a little oil.

air fryer
Kels Langston 1200 Watt Air Fryer – White

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air fryer
Kels Belva Air Fryer 2.7 Ltr – White

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4. Oven

If you want to make your own pastry at home before breaking the fast, or heavy food like grilled chicken, then you can use the oven.

The oven is a roasting tool that provides heat energy that can cook food. So here are some of the best baking tips for you.

practical dishes in the oven
Kels 35 Ltr Dayton Oven With Rotisserie – Silver

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Kels 19 Ltr Denver Oven – Silver

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5. Microwave

It has a function similar to the oven, microwave it also works by conducting heat.

However, microwave it does not have a lot of energy so this cookware is more often used to heat food.

However, microwave very useful for those who do not have much time to cook food, you know. You see, this tool can reheat frozen and instant food.

practical electronic kitchen utensils
Microwave Sharp 25 Ltr R-728(k)-in – Hitam

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Microwave Kels Greyson 25 Ltr – Hitam

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6. Ships

Another practical electronic cookware that does not require oil, ie steamer. This kitchen tool can make it easier for you to make a menu of healthy food that is steamed.

The steaming process itself uses hot steam to make the food sweet. Well, here are some tips steamer the best you can buy.

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practical steamer cookware
Kels Lenox Food Steamer – white

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7. Slow juicer and blender

In addition to the need for carbohydrates and protein from heavy meals, you must also pay attention to the needs of fiber and vitamins in the body at dawn and to break the fast.

Therefore, you can make different variants of healthy menus, such as juices and smoothies To make it easier, you can use blender and slow juicer.

We also have many types blender and slow juicer quality, as the recommendations of the products below.

slow juicer
Kels Aero Slow Juicer 150 Watt – Hitam

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Bear Sport Blender & Tumbler 400 Ml + 350 Ml 150 W

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8. Multicooker

Limited space is often an obstacle in a minimalist kitchen. To work around this, you can use multicooker for frying, boiling and steaming eggs.

Therefore, you do not need to spend a lot of space in the kitchen to store kitchen utensils. Here is a recommendation multicooker that you can use.

multi cooker
Kels 3 Ltr Langston Multi Cooker Square – white

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Multicooker is a practical kitchen tool
Kels 4 Ltr Moshi Panci Multi Cooker – Krem

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So, here are some tips for practical electronic kitchen gadgets that can help you save time and effort.

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