8 good and fair ways to clean bird cages

8 good and fair ways to clean bird cages

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Bird cages will quickly become moldy and unsightly if left dirty for too long. Therefore, you have to clean regularly and properly. Here’s how to clean a bird cage to keep it clean and odor free!

To maintain the health of the birds, one of the ways that must be done is to keep the bird cages clean.

Bird droppings that have accumulated and have not been cleaned for a long time will cause various dangerous diseases for the bird.

That is why cleaning the bird cage regularly is mandatory.

Reporting from various sources, this is the right and proper way to clean an aviary!

8 ways to clean a dirty birdcage

1. Brush bird droppings into cages

how to clean an old birdcage with a toothbrush

source: unsplash.com/@alexpadurariu

Bird droppings that have been stuck in the cage for a long time will dry out and make it difficult to clean if you just rinse them with water.

Therefore, the way to clean an aviary with dry droppings is to brush with an old toothbrush.

After the bird droppings are finished brushing, rinse with running water.

Then, clean the bird cage again with soap so that it is free of bacteria, germs, and various diseases from the former bird droppings.

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2. Eliminate stool odor with natural liquid

Dried bird droppings will emit an unpleasant odor.

The way to clean a birdcage that smells like this is to use a mixture of water, baking soda, and note the lime.

Also, you can use a mixture of hot water and vinegar.

Choose one of these cleaning mixtures and then spray it on your pet’s cage.

Wait a few moments to see the natural cleansing ingredients work.

After that, wash the cage with clean water and dry it in the sun.

3. Clean Bird Feeding and Drinking Areas

how to clean the bird cage where the feed is clean

source: shopee.co.id

Where you feed and drink the birds will be moldy over time.

This happens because the container is often exposed to water splashes and mixed with bird droppings.

To clean, the method is quite easy.

You just need to wash the bird feeder with a sponge and dish soap.

When finished washing, wash with warm water.

If it is clean, dry it briefly in the sun.

4. Create a Brilliant Birdcage

After all parts of the bird cage are clean, it does not feel good if the cage is not made shiny.

The way to clean the bird cage so that it is shiny is to use hazelnuts.

First burn the hazelnuts until they release the oil.

Then, rub the hazelnut oil with a cloth on a clean birdcage until it is shiny.

In addition to using hazelnut seeds, you can also use a number of cage cleaning products that are sold in the market.

5. Clean the cage from rust

Iron birdcage

source: lazada.co.id

For those who have iron and metal cages, you need to pay attention to some parts of the cage.

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When used for a long time, the cage is likely to rust.

If this happens, you will need to repaint the cage to make it look like new.

Even so, there is another trick that can be done, namely with citric acid.

The trick is to add citric acid and hot water to the rusty part of the cage.

Wait for 10 minutes.

After that, scrub with a brush until the rust is gone.

6. Clean the Bird Spray Bottle

Spray bottles that are often used to bathe birds can get mold faster because they are often exposed to the sun.

To clean, you can use citric acid.

First, put water in the bottle.

Then add citric acid and leave for 10 minutes.

When finished, wash the bottle with clean water.

If the mold is stubborn and difficult to remove, mix citric acid and hot water to clean.

7. Dry the Cage in the sun

how to clean a dry aviary

source: birds.com

The next way to clean an aviary is to dry the cage before putting it in its original position.

This is done so that the birdhouse dries quickly and can be reused.

If the cage is not dry and has been filled with birds, the mold easily grows due to the humid conditions in the cage.

8. Take regular cleaning

Finally, keep the bird cage clean on a regular basis.

At least, you need to wash the places to eat and drink once a day to avoid the accumulation of dirt.

Meanwhile, it is important to clean the bird’s cage at least twice a day.

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Bird Cage Cleaning Tips

To make it easier for you to clean the bird cage, there are two tips that you can apply.

First, you can store newspapers, paper or carpet on the bottom of the cage.

These tips make it very easy for you because all you have to do is replace the base when you clean the cage.

Second, change the water in the bird bath every few days.

Changing the water regularly will help prevent algae from growing and make the tub easier to clean in the long run.


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