8 Functions of TSP Fertilizer for Plants. It can strengthen stems and roots!

8 Functions of TSP Fertilizer for Plants. It can strengthen stems and roots!

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What are the functions of TSP fertilizer for plants? See full information in this article!

Fertilizer is a material added to a growing medium or plant.

Its function can meet the nutrient needs of plants to produce well.

Newspaper citations Effect of Different Concentrations of EM4 on Nitrogen Levels and Rate of Fertilizer Formation Azzola microphylla as a Biology Learning SourceFertilizer can be said to be the key to soil fertility.

The reason is that this planting medium contains one or more elements to replace the elements that are used by the plants.

The fertilizer itself has many types that can be adapted to the needs.

The type that is currently popular is TSP fertilizer.

What is TSP Fertilizer?


Of the many types of fertilizers on the market, TSP fertilizer is the most used by farmers to grow and fertilize crops.

Cited by various sources, TSP (Triple Super Phosphate) fertilizer is a chemical fertilizer with the formula Ca(H2PO4)2 and has a P205 content of about 44-46 percent.

Since this planting medium contains the element Ca (H2PO4)2, TSP fertilizer is better known as calcium dihydrogen phosphate o monocalcium phosphate.

TSP was also one of the first high-analysis phosphorus (P) fertilizers to be widely used in the 20th century.

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However, their use is likely to be seen as declining as other types of P fertilizers become more popular.

Function of TSP Fertilizer

1. Fortify the Trunk

The primary function of TSP fertilizer is to strengthen plant stems.

In this way, the plants that are given TSP will grow strong and not collapse easily.

2. Forming Plant Seeds

If the plants are given the optimal TSP fertilizer, it is guaranteed eh the formation of plant seeds is of more perfect quality.

3. Accelerates fruit ripening process

plant fertilizer

Another function of TSP fertilizer is to speed up the fruit ripening process.

The reason is, the fruit plants that contain phosphated TSP fertilizer has a faster harvest period and good quality.

This is because the TSP fertilizer is able to compile nucleic acids.

4. Increase the weight of the fruit of the plant

TSP fertilizer can also increase fruit weight.

Fruit plants that contain enough phosphate elements, the fruit will have a fairly good quality.

6. Avoid drying on the plants

Another function of TSP fertilizer is to increase the resistance of plants from drought.

The content of TSP fertilizer can maintain the structure of cells associated with stomata.

7. Supports Plant Photosynthesis Process

The next benefit of TSP fertilizer is to support the photosynthesis process of plants.

The role of phosphorus in the TSP fertilizer is very supportive of photosynthesis and the processes of plant respiration.

8. Stimulate Plant Root Development

When you give the TSP fertilizer, the phosphorus element will stimulate the development of the roots of the plant, while the strongest.

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It should be understood first, in fertilizing plants, just do not use TSP fertilizer, right?

The reason is that plants need three types of balanced macronutrients, namely nitrogen, phosphate and potassium.

Plants do not grow well when they are only TSP fertilizers without being balanced with nitrogen fertilizer and potassium fertilizer.

Thus, there is a principle of balanced fertilization. Balanced fertilization will produce maximum agricultural production.

Well, this is some information about the function of TSP fertilizer that you may know.

I hope this article can be useful for you, Property People.

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