8 examples of simple but beautiful calligraphy for the interior of the house

8 examples of simple but beautiful calligraphy for the interior of the house

Simple but beautiful calligraphy

Simple but beautiful calligraphy can be a solution to make the room more aesthetic. Let’s see an example of this nuanced religious decoration.

You have a minimalist home type 36 and confused looking for interesting decorations for the room?

So, simple but beautiful calligraphy can be your solution to decorate a beautiful home aesthetic, lho.

The reason is, although Arabic calligraphy is a decoration that usually exists in places of worship such as mosques or prayer rooms.

However, over time, you can already find it as a sweetener in the room at home.

In fact, many start doing calligraphy as a decoration of the bedroom wall.

However, you can usually make this decoration as a living room decoration simple which one aesthetic and attractive.

In addition, the good images of calligraphy are certainly very varied and can be adapted to the design of the room at home.

Well, so that you are not confused, consider the following examples of simple calligraphy decoration.

1. Asmaul Husna calligraphy form

simple arabic calligraphy

Source: instagram.com/dekorasirumahunik_/

You can make Asmaul Husna calligraphy as a wall decoration in the living room, especially if the walls are wide.

Give enough space not to put other decorations on the wall, of course, so that it becomes the main point.

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Make the room match the sofa and the table, you can choose similar colors and textures.

2. Examples of Simple Calligraphy Alhamdulillah

Simple Calligraphy Example Alhamdulillah

Source: id.aliexpress.com

Simple calligraphy decoration with writing Alhamdulillah it can remind you to be grateful.

You can put it in the living room with wall paint and bright colors khat dark calligraphy.

This type of decoration is suitable for homes with narrow floor space or it could be in a minimalist apartment.

3. Simple Calligraphy Elementary School

simple calligraphy for elementary school kids

Source: widiutami.com

For those of you who have children who are in elementary school, this child’s calligraphy can also be a decoration, you know.

In addition to its simple and beautiful appearance, children will also feel happy because their work is appreciated.

You can see it in the living room or put it in the child’s room, it will be an extraordinary decoration.

4. Simple but beautiful calligraphy in gold


This type of simple calligraphy is elegant with gold color, making the shahada more beautiful.

You can make a luxurious wall hanging by placing it right on top of other decorative shelves.

Make sure that the lighting in the room is enough so that the calligraphy radiates its beauty, yes.

5. Arabic Calligraphy Decoration Lafadz i believe

Lafadz Shahadat Arabic Calligraphy Decoration

Source: instagram.com/dekorasirumahunik_/

For those of you who have a living room simplecan make this calligraphy as a substitute for wall paintings.

Be sure to match the wall paint color, the room decor, and even the calligraphy color.

For example, the concept of a green room, then you can do calligraphy with black and white basic walls.

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6. Calligraphic picture of Muhammad

Photo by Muhammad Calligraphy

Source: Tokopedia.com

Like a simple but beautiful calligraphy, the name Nabi Muhammad SAW certainly reminds you more of the Messenger of Allah.

To put it does not always have to be on the wall, you can put it on a small table in the room to make it look cute.

Make sure that the color selection has been adapted to the concept of the room and the furniture.

7. Beautiful Calligraphy Pictures with Writings of Allah

Beautiful calligraphy prints God's writing

Source: biggo.id

A beautiful calligraphy print on the wall is an Arabic script that says Allah SWT and Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Use rattan furniture with decorations on it.

Then, put the calligraphy on the wall like the picture above.

You can write calligraphy in white and the base wall is dark.

8. Arabic Calligraphy from Wood

Arabic wooden calligraphy

Source: Tokopedia

Calligraphy made with wood carvings can also be installed on the walls of the house.

For example, calligraphy that reads Peace be upon you like the picture above that you can put at the entrance of the room.

You can also make wooden calligraphy decorations with other Arabic scripts to be placed in other rooms.


It is an example of simple but beautiful calligraphy that you can use as inspiration.

How no according to you?

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