8 easy tips to prevent bad breath during fasting

8 easy tips to prevent bad breath during fasting

tips to prevent bad breath
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In worship fasting, Sometimes we face minor problems, but they can interfere with our daily activities. One of the things that most of us cannot avoid is the bad.

This is really common because the mouth will become dry due to lack of water. This is what makes the mouth area a gathering place for germs that cause bad breath.

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Therefore, we always take care of oral hygiene so as not to leave a bad smell.

How to prevent bad breath in the month of fasting?

Not only brushing your teeth, it turns out that there are many other things you should do to prevent bad breath during fasting. What are they? Check the following.

1. Brush your teeth

Brushing your teeth is one of the activities that you should not forget to fast. By brushing your teeth, you can remove food residues so they don’t become bacteria that cause bad breath.

Not only your teeth, you also have to clean the surface of your tongue with a serrated surface on the top of your toothbrush, or with a soft toothbrush.

Be sure to brush your teeth regularly after you finish eating the sahur and iftar meals so that your mouth is fresher.

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prevents bad breath
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2. Drink enough water

The lack of fluids during fasting can cause dry mouth and the level of saliva or the production of saliva will decrease. This results in the accumulation of bacteria and germs that cause bad breath.

Therefore, try to drink enough water, at least 8 glasses a day during fasting. You can follow the method of drinking during fasting with a 2-2-4 model, that is, 2 glasses at dawn, 2 glasses to break the fast, and 4 glasses at dinner.

3. Chewing gum

After eating breakfast menu, You can prevent excessive pain by chewing gum. Look for fresh flavors of gum, such as mint, that contain no sugar to prevent tooth decay.

By chewing gum, the food left between the teeth will be easier to remove due to the sticky nature of the gum. In addition, chewing gum can also increase the production of saliva to maintain oral health.

prevents bad breath
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4. Do not smoke

During fasting, you should stop smoking. Besides being the thing that does cancel the fastthe compounds contained in cigarettes can cause tooth decay that leads to bad breath.

5. Eat oranges

The fresh taste contained in the fruit orange it can increase the production of saliva to reduce the bacteria that cause bad breath.

In addition to being able to prevent bad breath, the consumption of citrus fruits is also able to increase resistance, and maintain healthy teeth and gums due to vitamin C, which is contained in citrus fruits.

prevents bad breath
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6. Cleaning tartar

Try to clean the tartar before fasting. Having healthy teeth will minimize the growth of bacteria that cause bad breath.

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Tartar itself can form due to piles of residues that are not cleaned properly. Eventually, this will cause the soil to harden and become tartar.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to clean the tartar at least once every 6 months.

7. Choose the right food at dawn

The way to prevent bad breath during the next month of fasting that you can do is to avoid consuming foods that can cause excessive pain during sahur.

Choose the right and fresh food to maintain oral hygiene. You can consume healthy foods, such as vegetables that are rich in nutrients. In addition, you can also consume yogurt after eating to neutralize the acid in the mouth.

8. Drink green tea

Not only water, drinking green tea at dawn and breaking the fast can also be a solution to prevent and remove the pain. However, avoid adding sugar to it, because it will eliminate the properties of the tea.

In addition to being able to prevent bad breath, green tea also has an active role as an antioxidant that can prevent the growth of cancer cells in the mouth and gums.

green tea
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Therefore, there are some ways to prevent bad breath during fasting that you can try to look confident even if you are fasting.

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Happy fasting!

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