8 dessert ideas to celebrate the New Year

8 dessert ideas to celebrate the New Year

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New Year’s Eve is a moment that many people have been waiting for. It is not surprising that at the end of the year many people prepare a variety of interesting dishes to eat with their families, from appetizers to desserts.

Not without reason, we will provide a special dessert for dessert. You see, the new year must be synonymous less bakar-bakarsuch as grilling meat, sausage and fish.

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So, what are the dessert ideas that can be served on New Year’s Day?

Go ahead, make the New Year’s moment more memorable with the following desserts.

1. Fruit Ice

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After you are happy to eat different burnt menus, you can refresh your body with a fruit ice cream menu with your relatives and loved ones. Add coconut cream topping as a complement so that the fruit ice cream tastes even more delicious.

This menu is suitable for those of you who do not want to disturb. Simply serve fruit ice in a large container and prepare small glasses, as we recommend below.

dessert container
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2. Macaron

source: unsplash.com

Macaron they are sweet pastries that are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. This cake has a round shape and a variety of beautiful colors.

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It is not surprising that this food often attracts the attention of many people. Arrange macaron on a serving table to make it look more appetizing, like the following

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3. Desserts Box

Source: Bella Watson

Lately, dessert box become very popular in Indonesia. This dish usually contains pudding and tiramisu cake. There are also those who make cookies on the bottom, after the layer cream with a soft texture.

You can also try to do it at home you know. Of course, this dessert is very delicious afterwards eating the New Year’s menu.


4. Fruit Filled Mochi

source: nm_meiyee

They are not only filled with strawberries, these cookies that have a chewy texture can also be enjoyed with various other fruit fillings, such as mango, kiwi and others.

You need to enjoy it cold after eating to make it more delicious. Serve the mochi in the following aesthetic containers.

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5. Panna Cotta

panna cotta
source: unsplash.com

at a glance, panna cotta in the form of pudding. In any case, this food that comes from Italy is made of sweet cream that you have to thicken with gelatin and put in a jar. Then, cool it in the refrigerator to make it tastier.

The texture is soft and light in the mouth, making it very delicious if you make a dessert. Also, after eating a variety of heavy dishes.

6. Chocolate S’mores

source: unsplash.com

Chocolate s’mores is a cookie made with filling in the form of chocolate layers and marshmallow dissolve This food is very popular in America and Canada.

In addition to being easy to make, this dessert is sure to be loved by children for its sweet taste and soft texture. You can make it at home by making cookies and baking marshmallow as a filler.

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7. choco Lava Cake

lava cake
source: unsplah.com

Like an erupting volcano that has lava, this food has melted the chocolate sauce inside. The center of this cake is what it does chocolate lava cake popular all over the world.

Use a small aesthetic plate to serve to make the dish even more appetizing.

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8. Yogurt or Ice Cream

source: unsplash.com

This last dessert is easy for you to find, refreshing and everyone likes it. If you want something quick and instant, present yogurt or ice cream as a dessert.

You can make many flavors, starting from milk to fruit flavors as an option. Of course, the taste will be very refreshing in the mouth.

Here are some desserts that you can serve at New Year’s celebrations.

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