8 Cute and Interesting Keroppi room design inspirations

8 Cute and Interesting Keroppi room design inspirations

Keroppy room design

Do you want to design a bedroom with the feeling of Keroppi’s character? Check out the cute and interesting Keroppi bedroom design inspiration here, let’s go!

There are many ways to make a camera more attractive, one of which is to apply certain themes, for example referring to a character or character.

Few people design rooms based on characters, such as Doraemon’s room, Hello Kitty’s room and Keroppi’s room.

Keroppi is a fictional green frog character created by Sanrio in 1988.

Thanks to its unique and funny character, Keroppi is very much loved by people.

Are you a fan of this green frog character with big eyes or do you want to design a nursery?

If so, here is the inspiration for the following Keroppi room designs!

Keroppi Room Design Inspiration

1. Children’s room Keroppi Multilevel

Multilevel keropi room design for kids

The character of Keroppi can be applied to many types of rooms, including terrace rooms for children.

Designing a Keroppi themed room can provide many advantages, one of which is the calm atmosphere created by the greenery.

However, it should be noted, there are many types of green.

If you want to create a calm and comfortable feeling, choose a green color pencil and not too bright.

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2. Simple Keroppi Room Design

Simple Keroppi room design

The design of a room with the Keroppi concept should not only be all green, but it can also be simplified.

One way is to decorate the room with tapestries or other things related to the character of the green frog.

This method can be the best alternative if you do not want a room that is dominated by green.

3. Minimalist and pencil

Calm minimalist room design

Similar to the previous design, this room prioritizes a combination of neutral colors and Keroppi elements.

In addition to this, the color selection is suitable for those of you who want a minimalist and impressive style room pencil.

The choice of the green color is not too flashy, but a faded green that is close to a pastel color.

4. Keroppi in Shades of White

White keroppi bedroom design

For most people, white is the best choice of color to apply to the bedroom because it offers many advantages.

With white, the room looks wider, cleaner and brighter.

To give it an interesting touch, you can add different accessories or use bed cover Keroppi as the example above.

5. Bed cover Keroppi

Keroppy bed cover

The design of a Keroppi room is not just about painting the walls of the room green or using a lot of green accessories.

If you want to present a strong feeling of Keroppi, but you don’t want to paint the walls of your room, try using it bed cover like this.

6. Keroppi All Green Room

Keroppi theme room

Are you a big Keroppi fan? The Keroppi room design like this fits your criteria.

This room is really dense with Keroppi elements, starting from the walls which are completely painted green and decorated with the Keroppi theme.

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7. Simple Keroppi Room

room with keroppi characters

Wall paint combinations and wallpaper This could be an interesting way to design Keroppi’s room.

You don’t need to paint the whole wall green, but it can be combined with wallpaper themed Keroppi.

8. Keroppi room with Lesehan mattresses

simple living room

The design of the Keroppi room with a folded bed is interesting to serve as inspiration.

The room looks simple, but it can be the right inspiration for those of you who like Keroppi.


It is an interesting Keroppi room design inspiration to emulate.

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