8 correct ways to care for Persian cats to keep them healthy and clean

8 correct ways to care for Persian cats to keep them healthy and clean

Confused about how to properly care for a Persian Cat? Make no mistake, learn to take care here, let’s go!

The Persian cat is a type of pet cat that many people like because it has unique physical characteristics, such as thick fur and big eyes.

Of course, it is not surprising that this type of thick-haired cat is very popular, although it requires extra care.

Basically, taking care of Persian cats can be said to be difficult, depending on the person who takes care of them.

If you know the basics of caring for a cat, of course, caring for this cute cat will not be as difficult as you think.

Learn how to properly care for Persian cats below!

How to take care of Persian cats

1. Do Grooming

How to care for a Persian cat so that its hair remains beautiful?

The way to care for a Persian cat so that its fur is beautiful and clean is to do it cure or procedures for the care of a cat’s body.

Grooming not only useful to maintain the appearance of the cats, but also to maintain the health of the cats so that they avoid many types of diseases.

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When you’re not good at it cure cat or even do not know how, it is better to do cure Di pet shop.

Price range for cure cats vary, starting from 50,000 IDR to 200,000 IDR, depending on the type of bath done.

2. Clean Eyes and Ears

how to clean a cat's eyes

One way to prevent Persian cats from eye disease is to clean their eyes regularly.

The Persian cat’s eyes water easily and emit a brown discharge.

If this is allowed, the dirt in the corners of the cat’s eyes can injure the eyes and cause blisters.

How to clean the cat’s eyes is very easy, which is enough to use a soft sponge or gauze that has been wet with warm water.

After that, gently wipe the area around the cat’s eyes.

In addition to cleaning the eyes, clean the cat’s ears regularly to prevent mites.

How to clean the cat’s ears can be done with a special ear cleaning fluid that can be purchased pet shop.

Put a drop of ear cleaning fluid, then gently massage under the cat’s ear to remove the dirt in it.

Dry the cat’s ears with a soft sponge or gauze until they are clean.

3. Brushing Teeth and Cutting Nails

As with the care of cats in general, the Persian cat’s nails should also be trimmed regularly.

Cutting cat nails should also be done regularly so that the cat does not damage things in the house.

For kittens, it is recommended to cut their nails at least once a week and once every 2-3 weeks for adult cats.

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In addition to cutting the nails, try to brush the cat’s teeth regularly to avoid plaque.

4. Vaccines

cat vaccine

It is not only humans that need vaccines to prevent disease, but also cats.

To prevent Persian cats from having different diseases, get them vaccinated at the vet.

This vaccination is used to prevent Persian cats from getting many types of diseases such as

  • viral infection,
  • panleukopenia,
  • gobletsand
  • other dangerous diseases that can be life threatening.

5. Sterilization

Is it necessary to sterilize the cat? The goal of castrating a cat is to reduce the desire to explore so that it does not wander from home.

However, not a few cat keepers are reluctant to sterilize cats for reasons of pity.

In fact, there are many benefits of sterilization of cats, which vary from health and extending the life of cats to the prevention of overpopulation.

6. Adequate Nutritional Needs

How to care for Persian cats so that they are fat is to meet their nutritional needs by providing proper and healthy cat food.

Like cats in general, Persian cats also need proper protein and nutrition.

However, Persian cats have a calm and non-energetic character, so they tend to be lazy and less active.

This can cause Persian cats prone to obesity.

Therefore, keep control of the portions of food well.

7. Provide drinking water

Giving drinking water to cats should not be careless, but it should be kept clean and available at all times.

Be sure to wash the water bowl regularly and refresh the cat’s drinking water with fresh water every day.

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8. Pay attention to the cleanliness of cat cages and toilets

In addition to paying attention to the purity of drinking water, do not forget to always keep the cat cages and toilets clean.

If the cage and toilet are dirty, the cat will tend to choose a new place to sleep and cool off.

To keep the house clean, make sure to clean the cat beds regularly litter box and replace the cat litter with new litter every three days or once a week.


This is how the care of Persian cats you can practice.

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