8 Cool Boy Room Paint Color Inspirations

8 Cool Boy Room Paint Color Inspirations

paint color inspiration for a child's bedroom

To make the room look more attractive, here are some paint color ideas for children’s bedrooms that you can copy at home!

Determining the paint color for the child’s room is not easy.

You have to adapt to your child’s personality while considering the selection of furniture.

Instead of getting confused, let’s just look at some of the following children’s room paint color ideas!

8 color inspirations for children’s room paintings

1. The combination of black, gray and white

baby room paint colors

Source: instagram.com/plusidea.tr

The first idea is to combine black, gray and white in the room.

Use black paint only to coat the wall area around the mattress.

Meanwhile, you can cover the other wall surfaces with light gray paint.

So, use white paint on the ceiling area so that the room always looks light and bright.

2. Blue for painting the child’s room

baby room paint color ideas

Source: homesandgardens.com

Blue can be an option if you want a more cheerful look.

Use blue paint night shadow coat plinth walls, bedroom doors, wardrobes, window frames and study tables.

Then, mix it with white paint so that the room does not look too crowded to the eye.

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3. Color Paint Taupe the Calm

baby room paint color inspirations

Source: instagram.com/lg_arq

The next option is to use colored paint taupe in the room

Taupe it is a color created from a combination of gray and brown.

The appearance is calm and minimalist so it is suitable for you to use in rest areas.

So that the appearance of the room is not monotonous, you can combine it with dark gray cabinets.

4. Black room with red accents

Boys Room Paint Inspirations

Source: home-designing.com

You can also consider covering one side of the wall with black paint.

Then, install a wooden shelf with red accents to enhance the character of the room.

Meanwhile for the other areas of the wall, use white so as not to attract attention.

After that, you only have to enter the main furniture with the corresponding colors to complete the look of the room.

5. The combination of Orange and Black

baby room paint colors

Source: idealhome.co.uk

Idea The paint color of the next child’s room is a combination of black and orange.

Both have intense color intensity, but the appearance is very different.

Therefore, the combination looks very unique and character.

However, be sure to also include white accents in the room to reduce the busy impression that is created.

6. Color Paint Bush the dark

aesthetic green room

Source: thespruce.com

Does your child prefer the look of a dark, feature room?

If so, paint it green bush It could be an option to cover the walls.

This green variant at a glance resembles the color of a leaf, but the intensity of the color is deeper and darker.

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You can combine it with wooden furniture so that the room always looks warm and comfortable to rest.

7. Paint mix of three colors in the child’s room

inspiration for painting the sleeping area at home

Source: home-designing.com

The next idea, you can combine three paint colors at once for the interior of the bedroom.

Use white paint for the left side of the room and a blue variant still for the right area.

Then, install a mattress frame that looks like a large chair and cover the surface with gray-green paint.

The combination of these three colors will make the child’s room more attractive and fresh.

8. Combination of gray and yellow paint

yellow gray bedroom inspirations

Source: home-designing.com

Finally, you can consider a combination of gray and yellow paint colors for the child’s room.

Use light gray to cover the entire surface of the wall, then cover the furniture in the room with yellow paint.

These two contrasting colors make the room more characterized and aesthetic.


It is a collection of paint color inspirations that you can apply in the child’s room.

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