8 Contemporary minimalist window trellis

8 Contemporary minimalist window trellis

To add a minimalist impression to your home, there is one way you can do that is to use a minimalist window trellis. Later, the use of trellis is increasingly applied in many areas of the house.

In addition to being able to increase the aesthetic and minimalist impression of the home, a home trellis can also increase the level of home security. Thus, you can prevent the entry of thieves trying to enter your home.

Therefore, this article provides a minimalist window trellis inspiration that you can refer to. Here is the full review.

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8 Minimalist Window Trellis

The minimalist window trellis is one of the important elements in the modern design of the house that serves to protect the windows from the entry of pests, and also provides additional security for the occupants of the house. The minimalist window trellis has a simple and elegant design, perfect for adding a touch of beauty to the exterior of the house.

Here are some window trellis inspirations you can use:

1. Square Window Trellis

Square trellis pattern
Square trellis pattern

A square window trellis is a type of window trellis that has a square or box shape with straight and simple lines. In general, they are made of strong and durable materials, such as steel or aluminum.

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In this way, this type of trellis is very good for providing protection to the security of the house in preventing the entry of pests and even theft. In addition, square window trellises also provide good air circulation.

You can install this trellis in all types of windows. The square model trellis is basically easy to install and maintain and shows a minimalist and elegant impression.

2. Rectangular Window Trellis

Rectangular trellis model
Rectangular trellis model

In addition to the square model trellis, there is also a rectangular window trellis. This trellis is very popular among modern house residents.

It is made of strong and durable material so that it can provide good protection and safety. The rectangular window trellis is one of the trellis that is easy to install and clean.

Overall, this minimalist window trellis model is perfect for those of you who want maximum protection and security. The model is attractive and easy to install, you can make a rectangular trellis model as the main choice.

3. Horizontal Window Trellis

Horizontal trellis pattern
Horizontal trellis pattern

The horizontal window trellis pattern is a trellis that has a design with horizontal lines that run along both sides of the window. Made of fairly robust materials such as steel or aluminum.

This trellis can really add a minimalist and elegant impression to your residence. There are many color options that you can add to your home window design.

The pattern is simple and practical, making this horizontal window trellis a good choice for those of you who like simple designs.

4. Diamond Window Trellis

Diamond window trellis pattern
Diamond window trellis pattern

One of the unique window trellis patterns is the diamond pattern window trellis. This trellis of a window also provides a good level of security as well as an elegant look.

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You can apply this type of trellis to many window models such as glass, wood or aluminum windows. You can take care of this window trellis easily because the diamond trellis model is easy to install and clean.

This type of trellis model is suitable for those of you who want to achieve more security with an attractive and modern design.

5. Vertical Window Trellis

As with the horizontal window trellis model, this example of a minimalist vertical window trellis is one of the favorites that is often used. The minimalist and elegant design makes this trellis model interesting to try.

You can install this trellis model in many window models. The material is strong and can provide good air circulation, adding value to this trellis.

There are a number of color choices for those of you who want to use a vertical window trellis like this one.

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6. Japanese Model Window Trellis

Inspired by Japanese culture, you can make a Japanese pattern window trellis for those of you who like Japanese theme design. This trellis is made of wood and is beautifully carved, giving it an elegant and artistic look.

In addition, this minimalist window trellis has features such as small glass panels surrounded by beautiful wood and carvings. You can apply this trellis to sliding doors and room partitions, because it can give beauty and practicality to the room.

7. Maze Window Trellis

An example of a minimalist labyrinth window trellis is designed with intricate and sinuous patterns. Made of strong metal and used to protect windows from the entry of unwanted animals or people.

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This intricate trellis pattern is certainly difficult to penetrate or eradicate. In addition, a trellis with a labyrinth pattern provides a unique and attractive look to the windows.

However, to install this type of trellis requires precision and special expertise from an iron or installer.

8. Leaf Motif Window Trellis

The window trellis model with leaf motifs is an alternative for those of you who are interested in natural shades. This leaf pattern has many variations, from simple to complex and detailed.

This trellis has advantages in its beautiful and natural appearance. Leaf patterns that soothe the eyes can give a building a cooler and more comfortable environment.

So, these are some inspiring minimalist window trellis designs that you can choose from. By choosing the right window trellis, your minimalist home can certainly be more elegant and attractive.