8 Cheap and Popular Rental House Paint Colors for 2023

8 Cheap and Popular Rental House Paint Colors for 2023

nice color for rental house

Choosing a good paint color for a rented house can affect a number of factors, one of which is the temperature in the room. Go ahead, see some tips that you can apply!

Property People, for you rental house owners, a good house paint color is an important element to attract potential tenants.

On the other hand, the future tenants of course want the paint color of the rented house to be suitable and not impressed. ugly.

Therefore, choosing the best paint color for the interior or exterior is very important.

After that, you can choose a rental design that is suitable for the size of the land and many other factors.

If you need good color inspiration for renting a house, we present a number of tips here!

8 good house paint colors for rental houses

1. Rent with Natural Paint Colors

nice color for rental house

The combination of beige and brown wood can be the best choice to emphasize an elegant impression.

Depending on the page Psychology of color meaning, as mentioned detik.comthe beige color is popular because it has a balanced aura and creates a calming and comfortable impression.

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While the brown color can give a more natural look and is suitable to be applied in residential areas.

Therefore, choosing the color of a rental house with this color combination is intended to make the residents feel at home when they are at home.

2. Gray Color for Rent Houses

gray house paint for rent

source: rumahcontraan.web.id

Houses for rent are usually not very large, so the details must be adjusted accordingly, including the choice of paint colors.

Gray can be an option that can be chosen because it has a deep psychological meaning.

Yes, the color gray has the meaning of stability, independence, serious, because the impression of being “responsible” appears.

3. Paint Color Dusty Pink for the exterior

nice color for rental house

source: id.pinterest.com/didikahmadi49

Property People, if you want to give a different touch to a rented house, there is nothing wrong with using a paint color dusty rose.

Dusty rose itself is a pinkish color that tends naked so he always feels calm.

Contract with this color will give a peaceful impression and is popular among young people to adults.

4. The color of the paint for the rented house is red-brown

interior of the house

source: instagram.com/mega_warna.id

The red-brown paint color is suitable for application on the inside of the house.

In addition to giving a strong and reliable impression, this color is also easy to combine with a number of small living room decorations.

Some people say that this type of color is Indian red with the color code #CD5C5C.

5. Pink and Viola Clara

nice color for rental house

source: instagram.com/mega_warna.id

Paint color combinations rose and light purple for the interior of a rented house will give a different and fun look.

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In addition to getting away from the stuffy aura, the combination of these two colors also makes the residence much more luxurious.

6. Blue Tosca for the exterior

rough blue exterior paint

source: instagram.com/hestinanda

The color of a good rented house that is rarely used is blue rough.

Tosca it is a blue color combination pattern that is slightly green.

It is believed that this paint color is suitable for the exterior of a rented house because it will give a fresh and calm impression.

7. Rent with Unique Colors

house with a unique color

source: www.lacrymosemedia.com/id

For those who have rented house owners who have a similar design, but want to give a different touch, the application of several colors feels unique.

Although in general the residential design is the same, the paint color on the door like the picture above can be used as inspiration.

In addition to the minimum costs, the rental will be more lively and attractive for future tenants.

8. Combination of Blue and Dark Ash

nice color for rental house

source: sewakost.com

In addition, a combination of blue and dark gray paint in a rented house can also be chosen because it looks simple and subdued.

Add white elements to the door and the divider between the blue and dark colors so that the rental look is more varied.

The combination of these two colors will give a serene impression to those who live there.


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