8 Causes of Washing Machines Not Spinning & How to Fix Them

8 Causes of Washing Machines Not Spinning & How to Fix Them

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The washing machine simply burns or even breaks down so that it cannot be used, which can hinder our housework. So, from here, let’s learn the cause of the washing machine not spinning and how to solve it!

As time passes, the washing machine that we often use will certainly have problems.

The problem that is often experienced is when the washing machine turns off suddenly.

There are many causes of the washing machine dying suddenly, among them are:

  • There is a broken component.
  • Malfunction of engine sensors.
  • The floor surface is uneven.
  • The power cord is broken.
  • The motor engine is broken

When the damage is not too bad, you can repair it at home.

So, you don’t need to panic when the washing machine suddenly turns off.

According to various sources, there are several ways to fix the causes of the washing machine not spinning.

8 ways to fix a washing machine that won’t spin

1. Power Cable damage

the reason the washing machine does not spin

A damaged power cord can be one of the causes of a sudden stop of the washing machine.

To check, do the following steps:

  • Unplug the power cord.
  • If a cable is broken or frayed, replace the cable immediately.
  • Then check the outlet, since it is possible that the damage is not in the washing machine, but in the outlet.
  • If the washing machine does not spin after the cable is replaced, call a washing machine service immediately.
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2. The washing machine is not working properly

how to fix the washer on the washing machine does not spin

source: puls.com

Sometimes detergent residues are still left in some parts of the clothes.

This happens for two possibilities, namely the load of clothes that exceeds the capacity of the washing machine or the washing machine is not working properly.

Here’s how to deal with a washing machine that won’t spin because the rinse aid isn’t working properly:

  • Check the water supply section.
  • If the water hose is twisted, straighten it so that the water drains well.
  • Make sure the drain pipe is not clogged.
  • If the problem persists, try replacing the hose with a new one.

After checking the washer, check the dryer on the washer.

If the dryer is damaged, it will certainly make it difficult for you to wash the clothes, right!

3. The washing machine has a leak

leaking washing machine

Leakage is also often the cause of the washing machine suddenly dying.

Leakage problems are quite common in many washing machines.

If the washing machine has a leak, do the following:

  • Replace the water supply and drainage pipes with new pipes.
  • Mix half a cup of vinegar with a liter on the laundry.
    This mixture is effective in reducing the foam residue above.
  • Check the motor bearings. Replace the motor bearings if they appear worn.

4. Irregular Flat Surface

tilting washing machine

source: tide.ca

An uneven floor is one of the causes of the washing machine not spinning.

This case is often found in washing machines with a tube equipped with strong sensors.

When the surface of the floor is uneven, the vibration of the washing machine becomes stronger and this is what causes damage.

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The solution to this problem is to level the surface of the floor.

If it is too difficult to level the surface of the floor, you can use a wedge, because the bottom of the washing machine looks flat.

5. Interference with the Washing Machine Sensor

the reason the washing machine does not spin

With the sophistication of technology, some washing machines are equipped with sensors to be able to work automatically

But this can also be the reason that the washing machine turns off suddenly.

Usually the sensor detects something that does not meet the specifications of the machine, so the washing process cannot continue.

Try checking a number of sensors on your washing machine as below:

  • If the motor door sensor is not tight enough, close it firmly until the lock sensor activates.
  • When the water sensor is activated, wait until the water runs fast and the machine restarts automatically.
  • When the overload sensor is active, reduce the number of clothes you wash.
  • If the electrical sensor is active, it indicates that the electrical energy to wash is not enough.
    You have to stop washing because of the possibility of an electrical short circuit.

6. Cover switch damned

washing machine lid switch

source: amazon.com/xpartco

Lid switch is a switch that works to detect the movement of the washing machine door.

If this switch is damaged, the machine cannot detect whether the door is closed or open, so the machine will not turn.

This damage can occur because the contact terminals experience corrosion so that the electric current cannot flow.

The fix is ​​to clean the switch contacts.

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However, if it doesn’t work, you should buy one lid switch a new one costs Rp. 70 thousand.

7. Washing machine does not spin

the washing machine broke

source: fantasticservices.com

One of the reasons why a washing machine does not spin and continues to make a buzzing sound is because there is too much load in the drum.

If this happens, the solution is very easy.

Take off some of the clothes you have on.

This method means that you need to wash clothes even more.

Still, at least your washing machine will last, right?

8. Ace Jammed

engine dynamo

sum: Bukalapak.com/erpan electric

The last cause of the washing machine not spinning is a jammed washing machine axis.

Usually the axis is wrong because there is a problem with the dynamo of the washing machine.

A problem that is often seen is a dirty dynamo.

The way to solve this problem is very easy.

You can clean the dynamo from dust so that its performance is no longer hindered.

If after cleaning the dynamo, the washing machine still cannot work normally, there is a possibility that the condenser has broken.

So, all you have to do is check the capacitor, then restart.


These are the 8 most effective ways to fix a washing machine that won’t spin, Property People.

I hope this article will help you find a solution to the cause of the washing machine suddenly turning off.

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