8 Best Type 42 Minimalist House Facades for 2022, Elegant and Aesthetic

8 Best Type 42 Minimalist House Facades for 2022, Elegant and Aesthetic

Facade of Minimalist House Type 42

Find inspiration for the most beautiful, aesthetically pleasing and elegant type 42 minimalist house facade for your dream home right here!

The facade is a very important element in a house.

This is because the facade is the first thing people see when they visit a house.

The facade is also an important identity for a house, so it must be considered carefully and in line with the rest of the house.

Therefore, it is very important to do the right facade design, especially for small houses.

The wrong facade design can make a small house look narrower and narrower.

For inspiration, just look at the following type 42 minimalist house facade.

Suitable to be applied to your small house!

Best Type 42 Minimalist Facade Inspiration for a Dream Home

You can see the following references to the best house facades that are very aesthetically pleasing and elegant:

1. Feminine Pink Color Concept

Pink color facade

Source: Instagram/@saadahnurul09

The pink combination is not only in the interior, but you can use it outside the house.

Not only does it provide a beautiful feminine theme, but it looks aesthetically pleasing and not boring.

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Meanwhile, this unique color selection looks very suitable to be combined with decorative elements with green accents.

2. Facade of a minimalist house type 42 with a Japanese concept

Selection of a minimalist house facade type 42 Japanese accent

Source: Instagram/@99designrumahidaman

The inspiration for the facade of a minimalist house type 42 that is quite interesting for a dream residence is in the selection of Japanese concepts.

The selection of the Japanese concept can be seen in the use of bamboo and wood in the front to regulate the air circulation.

This design will be perfect for those of you who want a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere while at home.

3. Tropical and Boxing Concept

Boxing theme

Source: Instagram/@panatastudio

To appear different for a tropical climate, there is nothing wrong with combining the facade of this minimalist tropical house.

The white decorative elements give a very aesthetic impression with a high and comfortable ceiling.

You can combine the box concept with palm trees to green plants with a refreshing atmosphere.

4. Minimalist monochromatic elements

Monochrome type 42 minimalist house facade

Source: Instagram/@alkemisyabahtiar

Comfort and light at the same time deserve to be the characteristics of this minimalist facade.

You can combine the game with a very comfortable monochrome white color, with a refreshing texture.

To make the appearance more unique, the placement of the window is also very well considered to give a unified impression.

5. Full of Large Windows

Facade with windows

Sum: Instagram/@deregenbogenhaus

If visibility is a very important factor, you can consider choosing the facade of a house with large windows.

The size of the large windows that extend from top to bottom gives a comfortable and spacious impression in the house.

The reason is, the design with large windows like this picture is not only comfortable, but refreshing to produce the best air circulation.

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6. European Classic theme

Facade design with wood accents

Summary: Instagram/@mylittletinyhousee

In addition to minimalist elements, Property People can also apply a type 42 minimalist house facade with a classic European theme.

The classic European selection appears in the use of wood and cream colors on the facade as decorative accents.

This classic European atmosphere provides a touch of comfort and warmth in the home.

7. Exposed Gray Composite House Facade

The facade of a minimalist house type 42 is gray with green elements

Source: Instagram/@rumah.silang

In addition to white and cream, the combination of gray can be used as a reference for a minimalist house facade with a masculine theme.

An interesting color game makes this facade look aesthetically pleasing and elegant from every part of the house.

To add a refreshing impression, you can combine this facade with ornamental plants.

8. Tropical Classic

Facade with a farmhouse theme

Source: Instagram/@aryanisk9

The classic tropical theme on this facade can be a touch that is timeless and looks elegant.

The choice of white and blue color combinations provides a perfect composition, from the front.

To add an interesting impression, you can add a variety of ornamental plants to the side of the facade with the best fresh.


Here are some of the best type 42 minimalist facade tips that you can apply to your dream home.

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