8 Best Type 36/72 Minimalist Terrace Inspirations for 2022

8 Best Type 36/72 Minimalist Terrace Inspirations for 2022

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Here is the inspiration for the best minimalist terrace of the 36/72 type that you can apply to your home!

The terrace of the house is an important part of a house that must be considered.

Because, this room is the first thing that others see when they enter our house.

You certainly don’t want to make a bad impression, do you?

But what if the terrace in the house is small? Can it still be designed in a way that looks good?

Of course I can! Even the terrace of a minimalist house 36/72 can also be that’s it aesthetically done.

Can’t believe it? Immediately, take a look at the following inspiration!

Best 36/72 Type 36/72 Minimalist Terrace Recommendations for 2022

1. Ala Modern Core Aesthetics of coffee

The concept of open relaxation

Source: Instagram/@widhyieindah

There are many dry garden designs in contemporary cafes.

You can also adopt at home, that’s it.

A dry garden can be made with gray stones that give a unique impression.

Instead of using a single chair, turn the wall into a long bench to relax on.

2. Minimalist letter L Concept

minimalist house terrace 36 72 for narrow spaces

Source: Instagram/@rumahfero

To meet the needs of terraces in limited land, there is nothing wrong with applying the minimalist concept of the letter L to residential areas.

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The design of the letter L has the impression of being comfortable and at the same time blends into a closed area of ​​a house.

To make it more attractive, the Properties can add cactus trees to the vineyards to present a green atmosphere.

3. Minimalist Terrace House Type 36/72 Beautiful and Aesthetic

Industrial element dry garden

Source: Instagram/@leshainggri

You do not need a large space, you can apply a minimalist dry terrace with an industrial concept in limited land.

Decorative elements with white stones and lounge chairs seem to blend in, perfect for looking for inspiration while enjoying tea or coffee.

This relaxed atmosphere will be maximized by the presence of ornamental plants surrounding the terrace and garden.

4. Space covered with earth

Source: Instagram/@mayarini_setyaningtyas

So that the house has good privacy, the next method is to apply a minimalist terrace in a closed area.

Although it is applied to a closed plot, the terrace of this house still looks comfortable and spacious from different sides.

So that it does not look monotonous, you can add vine accents to the exposed brick walls.

5. A simple and warm concept

Simple but aesthetic elements

Source: Instagram/@rumahlubasha

Simple but unique as a reference for a minimalist terrace type 36/72 unique with a warm concept.

Not only decorative elements with orange and brown colors, you can also add a relaxing table on the terrace.

This combination of a simple and warm terrace will give a high functional value, and also make the occupants of the house feel at home.

6. Minimalist House Terrace Type 36/72 Closed Green Concept

Minimalist house terrace 36 72 green accents

Source: Instagram/@dwrth_

The green and refreshing look to give a unified impression on the terrace of a minimalist house type 36/72 with synthetic grass.

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The concept of this green terrace is complemented by a few decorative plants with decorative accents, so it does not look boring.

Meanwhile, this space is also very suitable as a place to grow crops even if it is equipped with a canopy roof.

7. All White with Roster

minimalist house terrace type 36 72 white accents with rooster

Source: Instagram/@rumahazkaa

In addition to green, there is nothing wrong with combining pure white elements on the terrace of a minimalist house type 36 like this picture.

This choice of white color not only gives an elegant impression, but also produces a strong and comfortable character.

You can combine this unique white terrace design with a list motif to circulate the air circulation while adding an aesthetic value.

8. Open Atmosphere with Beautiful Views

terrace with mountain view

To make it look more aesthetically pleasing, a minimalist house terrace is not only aesthetically pleasing from the inside, but you can present it with beautiful views like this inspiration.

The reason is that this terrace combines a refreshing green industrial concept with mountain views, resulting in a unified panorama.

The atmosphere of the terrace with a view of the mountain is certainly very suitable for relaxing in the morning, so that the residents of the house feel more at home.


Here are some of the best minimalist terrace references of the type 2022 36/72 that you can apply in an interesting way.

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