8 best pillow materials so that your neck does not hurt

8 best pillow materials so that your neck does not hurt

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A pillow is a mat that is usually used to support the head while lying down. It is not surprising that cushion materials, sizes, shapes and levels of density are made differently, depending on your needs.

In addition, pillows also play an important role for the health of the upper body, such as the head, neck and spine.

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If we choose the right pillow, then the spinal curvature area will always follow its original shape to minimize neck pain.

So, if you have ever had pain in the neck or difficulty moving your head when you wake up, chances are that the pillow material used is not good.

So, which pillow materials are good for health?

Quoted from Medical News TodayHere are some pillow materials that can have a good effect on spinal health.

1. Microfiber

Microfiber is a cushion material that contains synthetic fibers, such as polyester or nylon. This material produces a dense form of pillow, but not hard when it becomes a support for the head. Thus, it can prevent headaches and neck pain.

Reported by Foundation of sleep, microfiber in materials that can be used up to 2 years and have affordable prices, as shown below.

cushion material
Informa Sleep 58×86 Cm Premium King Pillows – white

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2. Memory Foam

Memory foam is a foam material specifically designed to retain body heat. This material can also provide the contours of the head, neck and spine precisely.

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Thus, it can reduce the risk of neck pain and keep the spine aligned. The term of use is quite long, which is about 2-3 years.

Here is a pillow recommendation memory foam that you can use.

cushion material
Informa Sleep Bantal Memory Foam Adjustable Contour

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cushion material
Informa Sleep Bantal Memory Foam Beauty Pillow – Pink

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3. Wol

Almost similar to cotton, wool pillows are quite easy to deflate because they are made of natural wool fibers.

However, this natural fiber is able to regulate the temperature of the heat in the body so that you do not feel hot if you use it for a long time.

Another advantage is that the wool has been tested hypoallergenic that does not make the body allergic, resistant to mold, and anti mites.

4. Feather or Feather

In addition to being good for health, the pillow material feather it has a high level of softness and softness than other materials.

Therefore, you can have a better quality sleep because this material is able to support the head, both from the back and when you sleep on your side.

However, you need to wash this pillow regularly every 3-6 months and replace it every 1-3 years because the material is feather easy to deflate.

Information 45x65 Cm Bantal Marshmallow - Pink

5. Cotton

Cotton is easier to deflate than other materials. However, this pillow has a softer texture. You see, cotton pillows are made from natural fibers of the cotton plant.

Cotton pillows are also more natural and good for health because they are free of synthetic materials and have been tested hypoallergenic or able to reduce the risk of allergic reactions in the body.

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6. Latex

Latex pillows are made from the sap of the rubber tree which looks almost like it memory foam. Usually, latex materials can last for a longer period of time, which is about 2-4 years.

In addition, the latex material does not support heat waves while sleeping or having cooling technology (cooling technology). If you like pillows that feel cool while you sleep, you can use this material.

Well, this material is anti-fungal and hypoallergenic or not cause an allergic reaction in the body, you know.

Here are the tips for pillows made of latex that you can buy in Ruparupa.

Contoured latex pillow
Informa Contour Latex Pillow 61.5×40 Cm

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Banal latex
Natura Contour Organic Basics Latex Pillow – white

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7. Pillow material Dacron

Other cushion materials that you can find on the market are dacron. In general, dacron It is a soft polyester material that can make the pillows softer.

Compared with other materials, dacron easier to clean, waterproof and scratch resistant.

cushion material
Informa 160 Cm Dacron Body Pillow – White

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cushion material
Informa 50×70 Cm Set of 2 Cushions – White

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8. Kapok material

As the name implies, kapok pillows come from the natural fiber of the kapok tree. Usually, cotton pillows have a lighter texture, so they do not weigh down the neck and head, and can support the head well during 8 hours of sleep.

Therefore, there are some pillow materials that can be an option to support the health of the upper body.

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You can buy different pillows only through them variety. Here, you can also find equipment family from famous brands belonging to the Kawan Lama Group, namely ACE, SELMA, INFORMA, Krisbow, Ashley, ATARU, and many others.

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We also have some of the best pillow tips that you can use, as follows.

cushion material
Informa 70x40x14 Cm Double Layer Cushion – white

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Informa Set of 2 cushions and Dacron cushions - white
Informa Set of 2 Dacron Cushions & Bolsters – White

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Information 30x50x10 Cm Bantal Mini Kontur - Green Tea
Information 30x50x10 Cm Bantal Mini Kontur – green tea

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Information 30x50x10 cm Bantal Mini Contour Gel Cool
Information 30x50x10 cm Bantal Mini Contour Gel Cool

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