8 Best Minimalist Living Rooms 4×3, Comfortable and Makes You Feel at Home

8 Best Minimalist Living Rooms 4×3, Comfortable and Makes You Feel at Home

Minimalist living room 4x3

You can choose the best 4×3 minimalist family room recommendation, which is the most comfortable and makes you feel at home here.

Getting together with family at home is a fun thing to enjoy quality time, especially on weekends.

Therefore, choosing a minimalist family room is an important thing to consider.

It does not need to be designed on a large scale, you can really make a limited room functional and functional aesthetic.

Like a minimalist 4×3 family room for example.

Curious what an example is? Check out the inspiration below!

Recommendations for the most comfortable 4×3 minimalist living room that makes you feel at home

You can choose some of the most comfortable 4×3 minimalist family room design references below:

1. Light Color Industrial Theme

The best green industrial concept

Source: Instagram/@rumah.bg

Industrial elements are not only dark colors, but you can apply them with this minimalist light gray color.

The industrial touch is evident in the use of exposed walls with large trim.

This theme seems to mix with the addition of a sofa with green accents, because it gives a comfortable and refreshing impression.

2. Pink color with Angular Concept

Unique pink minimalist family room 4x3

Source: Instagram/@dyahp.putri

You can present the next option with the concept of pink angled from the textured white side.

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The combination of pink and white seems to give an element of unity that is very comfortable, as a place to relax with the family.

You can apply sofas, carpets, to pink mini bars that blend from all sides of the room.

3. Classic Decorative Touch

Classic family room 4x3

Sum: Instagram/@vannyhome12

You can serve the minimalist 4×3 family room more comfortable with a classic and comfortable decorative touch.

This classic decorative combination gives the impression of being unified from all sides of the room, from the ornamental plants to the sofa upholstery with wooden frames.

This classic decorative element will be perfect for creating a timeless family room in the future.

4. 4 × 3 Minimalist Living Room with Textured Lighting and Heating

Warm minimalist family room 4x3

Source: Instagram/@ade_rahmidiana

A warm night is the best way to enjoy time with the family at home while relaxing.

This concept full of warmth seems to blend with white and pastel gold creating an artistic atmosphere.

The artistic atmosphere in this room consists of accessory lights on the walls and textured wooden cabinets, thus creating a positive aura in the house.

5. Minimalist living room with Japanese concept

Japanese concept salon

Source: Instagram/@simpledeco_byeffa

Simple and full of character in a minimalist living room, you can present it with a Japanese concept like this picture.

The choice of beige and wood not only prioritizes the functional values, but also the aesthetic factors that mix with tenderness.

Although the floor is limited, this family room is perfect for family gatherings.

6. Extensive Tosca Green

Refreshing turquoise green color

Source: Instagram/@dekorasi.ruang.minimalis

One of the best green colors you can apply is the Tosca green combined family room, which is comfortable and spacious.

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A touch of green seems to provide an aesthetic accent with the best space in an open house.

This Tosca green family room will be perfect for those of you who want to relax with a pleasant aura.

7. Minimalist Family Room 4×3 with Relaxing Atmosphere

Relaxing minimalist family room

Sum: Instagram/@devina_home

If you want to relax, then a minimalist family room with a relaxed atmosphere can be the best inspiration at home with green plants.

Not only that, there is a minimalist TV room and a sofa that is suitable as a place to relax with the family.

The combination of wood material on the side of the room, looks warm and not boring.

8. Minimalist family room A la Sultan

Minimalist family room 4x3 in the style of the Sultan

Source: Instagram/@rumahchy

Luxury and character to be different is the best inspiration in this sultan’s minimalist family room.

The sultan’s sense of luxury can be seen in the combination of white and cream mixed on the sides of the sofa to the decoration of the center of the lamp in the form of a crystal.

You can also add rugs to rattan chairs, so that the comfortable and luxurious atmosphere still blends with the natural concept.

Here are some of the best 4×3 minimalist family room tips that are more comfortable and make you feel at home.

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