8 Best Minimalist House Terrace Designs 1×1.5, Suitable for Narrow Lands

8 Best Minimalist House Terrace Designs 1×1.5, Suitable for Narrow Lands

Minimalist house terrace 1x1.5

Look at the recommendations for the best minimalist house terraces 1 × 1.5 in 2022 that are suitable for you to apply in the following narrow areas.

In a house, the existence of an open area and a green area is an important thing.

Because, open arenas and green spaces like terraces have a very important role to regulate the circulation of air from inside and outside the house.

Not only these factors, a terrace also has a function so that the building of the house becomes less crowded and more comfortable.

However, not everyone can apply the size of the terrace well from the front.

It doesn’t have to be big, it turns out that you can apply a minimalist house terrace 1 × 1.5 which is better aesthetically in a narrow area.

What is the inspiration for the best minimalist terrace for a narrow land? Check out the discussion together!

The best 1×1.5 Minimalist House Terrace 2022, Shown Aesthetic in the Narrow Space

You can choose the best 1 × 1.5 minimalist house terrace recommendations that are aesthetically pleasing in the following narrow spaces:

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1. Green Concept with Industrial Elements

Black industrial terrace design 1x1.5 green

Source: Instagram/at home_ibunia

Known for having a timeless atmosphere, you can create inspiration for a minimalist green industrial terrace with a monochrome texture.

The black and gray elements seem to produce an elegant atmosphere full of character in the front part of the house even if it is in a narrow area.

The selection of dark colors is combined with green accents like cactus to a refreshing collection of plants.

2. Warm Creamy Color

The best white and cream colored terrace

Source: Instagram/@umah_briliana

Not only in the interior, the beige color concept on the terrace of this minimalist house can also be served in the front of the residence.

Bright colors with a combination of white and a collection of ornamental plants add a refreshing impression full of comfort as a relaxing space.

Besides being used as a terrace, you can also make this terrace a space to receive guests.

3. Bringing the concept of Java coarse

Minimalist house terrace 1x1.5 Javanese concept

Source: Instagram/@amalia_ayu_wulandari

For those of you who like ethnic elements, it seems that the Javanese concept on a minimalist terrace 1 × 1.5 may be the right choice.

The thick Javanese concept seems to give a nice impression and mixes with natural elements in wood and rattan that gives the impression of relaxation.

You can combine this Javanese combination with exposed bricks so that flower pots surround every corner of the terrace.

4. Supplied with a canopy with a closed atmosphere

Closed minimalist house terrace 1x1.5

Source: Instagram/fy_ekaputri

In addition to being designed openly, you can also realize a minimalist terrace 1 × 1.5 in a concept covered by a canopy.

The use of a closed canopy is very useful so that the terrace gives the impression of being safe and comfortable without having to feel hot.

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This closed terrace design seems to blend with the refreshing green atmosphere at the side of the grassy garden.

5. White color with Dry Atmosphere

Dry industrial house terrace

Source: Instagram/@letisyabella

The game of light colors like the white accents on the terrace is perfect for you to apply with masculine elements.

This white dry terrace concept seems to blend in with the cactus plant which is very easy to care for.

This terrace area is not only used as a green area, but is suitable for children’s play.

6. Accent Blue with classic Greek theme

Blue minimalist house terrace 1x1.5

Source: Instagram/@rumahemerld

For those of you who want to attend anti mainstreama minimalist terrace with a Greek concept like this could be the best choice.

The blue and white color concept gives the impression of being one with the decorative accent wall, which is very suitable even in limited land.

This terrace is perfect for relaxing while enjoying coffee with friends and family.

7. Minimalist 1 × 1.5 Industrial Terrace with a Comfortable Atmosphere

Minimalist industrial terrace with exposed brick

Source: Instagram/@designtamanrumah

You can apply the next minimalist industrial terrace with a green texture with an atmosphere full of home comfort.

This industrial concept full of comfort is combined with exposed bricks and a collection of green spaces in open spaces as a place to relax.

This open space is not only full of green plants, but you can add decorative wall decorations.

8. A Bright Rustic Combination on a Simple Minimalist Terrace 1 × 1.5

Cream color with rustic

Source: Instagram/@vita_yanuar

For a minimalist size in limited land, a simple minimalist rustic combination of a house can be the best way that is easy to apply.

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This rustic terrace concept is combined with beige, brown and gray with a green texture that is very relaxing as a place to relax.

A touch of green with different leaves looks refreshing that can make you feel at home.

Here are some of the best 1×1.5 minimalist home terrace tips that you can make for your dream home.

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