8 Best Minimalist Dining Room Designs 4×1 for Family Gatherings

8 Best Minimalist Dining Room Designs 4×1 for Family Gatherings

Minimalist dining room 4x1

What are the best 4×1 minimalist dining room inspirations that you can apply? Check out the options here!

Not only the living room and the family room, the dining room is an essential part of the house.

The reason is, the dining room is a place full of the value of the union with family and friends.

In fact, not a few people make the dining room a sacred place so that it is decorated in a super attractive way.

The use of decorative accents, decorations with interesting themes make this space not only functional, but also highly aesthetic.

Even if many people serve a large dining room, there is nothing wrong with applying it to a limited area.

An interesting inspiration is the selection of a minimalist dining room design that measures 4×1.

What inspiration can you emulate? Check out the discussion together!

The best 4×1 minimalist dining room tips for 2022, suitable for family gatherings

You can see the full 4×1 minimalist dining room inspiration below:

1. Simply with Wood Concept

White design with wood

Sum: Instagram/@mikhatinyhouse

The concept of wood is really the best inspiration for a dining room like this picture.

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The choice of wood accents is not only in the furniture side, but also in the combination of decorative floors full of comfort.

You can add accessories with matching accents so that the concept of the dining room becomes very relaxed.

2. Refreshing Nan Green Element

Minimalist dining room 4x1 green design

Source: Instagram/@homebyjlo

You can apply the next choice of minimalist dining room with a refreshing green element in the corner of the house.

This green concept is not only comfortable, but also produces good air circulation.

Meanwhile, you can present a combination of green with wood accents so that it seems to flow.

3. Dining Room Minimalist 4 × 1 Open

Dining table with an open atmosphere full of comfort

Source: Instagram/@lulywidayanti

To overcome the limitations of the space, you can present the most appropriate way to apply a minimalist dining room openly.

The wooden design with open decorative lights creates a warm atmosphere in the house.

To have good privacy, you can add a screen on the side.

4. Opening with a Japanese twist

Minimalist dining room 4x1 Japanese design

Source: Instagram/@dekorasiruangminimalis

For Property People who want to combine functional values ​​with the best aesthetics, a Japanese accent like this will be perfect.

The reason is, the open combination gives the impression of being united and beautiful in the house so it is not boring.

There is a dining table with an open compartment that is very practical for various activities.

5. Combination Mini Bar Open

Unique wooden element with mini bar combination

Source: Instagram/@evieninon

The recommendation for an open mini bar is a reference for realizing the best 4×1 minimalist dining room design for this dream residence.

You can apply this mini bar combination with a very wide decorative wood accent with a high ceiling.

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The wide touch served by the vines gives a refreshing feel to the house.

6. Minimalist Dining Room 4 × 1 Simple Combination of Wood

White color concept

Source: Instagram/@_ascasa

Simple, but the character is the sign of the best dining room with a combination of white wood concept.

The choice of white color gives a bright and spacious impression from different parts of the house, making it very comfortable for family gatherings.

To enhance the atmosphere at night, you can add decorative lights from the center.

7. All-Pink Combination Color with Mini Bar

Lots of pink on the dining table

Source: Instagram/@onyah.pingky

The next choice of the dining room is not only a table, but you can combine it with a minimalist mini.

The decorative concept of complete comfort seems to produce a high aesthetic value and functionality.

You can also connect the side of the kitchen to the side to make it more practical for daily activities.

8. Rustic with an industrial theme

Dining room with a library combination

Source: Instagram/@maha.house

Simple and timeless is the touch of the best minimalist dining room design 4×1 that is suitable for family gatherings.

This rustic industrial accent gives a unique impression with an arrangement exposed from the top of the house.

Not just a dining room, you can add a bookcase as the best touch to resemble a library.


You can apply some of the best 4×1 minimalist design tips in your home.

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