8 Best Minimalist 3×2 Dining Table Designs for Family Gathering

8 Best Minimalist 3×2 Dining Table Designs for Family Gathering

Best minimalist 3x2 dining table design

You can choose the best minimalist 3×2 dining table design for the following complete family gathering.

The dining table is not just a place for family members to eat at home.

This is where all the family members chat and exchange stories, and this is where the warmth is created.

As a result, it is important for a family to design a minimalist dining table design in a functional and aesthetic way at home.

One of the best references that can be made is to apply the best minimalist 3×2 dining table design for young families.

To meet the needs of eating and gathering at home, what is the reference for a minimalist 3 × 2 table design that is functional and aesthetic?

Check out the best inspiration for Homeowners below!

Recommendations for the Best 3×2 Minimalist Dining Table for family gatherings at home

You can choose the following best table inspirations for your dream home:

1. Bright Concept with Minimalist Mini Bar Combination

White dining room 3x2

Source: Instagram/@rumah_mamasya

If space limitations are a barrier, this minimalist dining table recommendation may be the right choice.

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Although it is located on a limited area, the bright concept of textured white, ivory and gray looks functional and integrated in the house.

To increase the aspect of practicality, you can apply a mini bar combination to make it easier to serve the food.

2. Simple 3 × 2 Minimalist Dining Table with Green Concept

White minimalist dining table 3x2

Source: Instagram/@rumahaka2021

Simple but still aesthetic, you can apply it as a reference for this simple green minimalist dining table concept.

The elements of a wooden wooden table with white chairs give the impression of being together very comfortably as a family meeting place.

Not only comfortable, you can add green plants so that the atmosphere is more refreshing.

3. Open Classic Touch

classic open concept

Source: Instagram/@rumahkeami

You can serve the next minimalist table with a classic open concept in the middle of the room.

The decorative concept with decorative lights looks unified and warm as a meeting place at home.

Not only decorations of lamps and large windows, you can add chairs in rustic material to create a relaxed concept.

4. Full of Color and Brightening

Dining table colorful design

Source: Instagram/@rumah_ayphy2218

If the aesthetic element is the most important, it never hurts to apply this colorful minimalist table design.

The element of the game of color blends in the walls to the tablecloth with a combination of pastel colors.

In addition to an attractive color game, you can also add unique chairs to the parquet to create comfortable eating.

5. Minimalist Dining Table 3 × 2 Semi Outdoor Concept

Semi-outdoor minimalist dining table 3x2

Source: Instagram/@rumah_mama_ina

Tired of applying the dining table in the house, there is no harm in applying the concept semi outdoor unique and warm.

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This dining table is combined with industrial white decorative accents that blend with nature, making the occupants of the house more comfortable.

You can add a cactus plant accent to make the dining room feel green and beautiful.

6. Boundless Blue

Blue dining table 3x2

Source: Instagram/@rumah_naumi2020

One of the unique choices of the color of the dining table that you can serve at home is the use of a bright and refreshing blue concept.

The blue concept on the dining table is combined with wood accents so that it combines elements without time and character in open space.

It is not only suitable for dining, this design is also suitable as the best room to relax at home.

7. Simple 3 × 2 Minimalist Dining Table

simple comfortable dining table

Source: Instagram/@gubug_mba.rien

Functional and simple is the best way in this minimalist dining room, so it doesn’t look monotonous.

The concept of this dining table is designed to be rich in different compartments open to storage space.

In addition to the storage space, there is a lamp decoration combined with a fan so that the space becomes cooler.

8. Japanese Concept Full of Tenderness

Japanese concept dining table

Source: Instagram/@our.anhouse

The inspiration for this minimalist dining table size 3×2 Japanese design will surely make you feel at home to gather at home.

This is because the choice of the decorative wood concept looks aesthetic with a soft texture from the table to the floor.

Not only the selection of color accents, you can add accessories to the side of the open wall that matches the entire space.

Here are some of the best 3×2 minimalist table inspirations that Property People can choose to realize their dream home.

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