8 Best Minimalist 1×3 Mini Bars 2022 The most aesthetic in a narrow room

8 Best Minimalist 1×3 Mini Bars 2022 The most aesthetic in a narrow room

mini bar 1 x 3

You can choose the best 1×3 minimalist mini bar tips with a high aesthetic but functional value at home. Check out the tips here!

One way to achieve the size of a small house is to make a minimalist mini bar as a substitute for a dining table.

One of the ideal dimensions is a minimalist mini bar that measures 1 × 3 meters.

Curious about what an example of a design looks like?

Just look at the inspiration below!

Recommendations for the Best 1×3 Minimalist Mini Bar in 2022, Suitable for Narrow Lands

Take a look at the selection of minimalist mini bars that you can make in your dream home for the following limited land:

1. Minimalist letter L Concept

Simple mini bar table

Source: Instagram/@alfinazahara

You can apply this mini bar recommendation with a minimalist L letter theme to a limited area.

The decorative concept seems to give the impression of being together to eat at home while relaxing.

To make it look functional, this mini bar can be combined with kitchen cabinets on the side.

2. Minimalist Mini Bar 1×3 under the stairs

White minibar 1x3

Source: Instagram/@rumah_briliana

To make it more attractive and functional, there is nothing wrong with combining a minimalist mini bar 1 × 3 under the stairs.

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The design of the mini bar under the stairs seems to give the impression of being one with the combination of the kitchen from the back.

The choice of the white combination adds to the bright impression, facilitating the cooking process for daily needs.

3. Minimalist monochrome

Minimalist monochrome design on the mini bar

Source: Instagram/@rumahdapurpujaan

You can design the next minimalist mini bar with monochromatic decorative accents that are very elegant together.

You can apply this mini bar design in open spaces with wide visibility.

Not only the high functional aspects, the value of beauty can also be seen from the use of chair lamps with unique shapes.

4. Relaxing Green Concept

Minibar green minimalist 1x3

Source: Instagram/@rinahertanty

If you want to give a comfortable atmosphere, there is nothing wrong with applying a minimalist mini bar 1 × 3 with a relaxed green concept.

The design of this mini bar seems to blend with various green plants that are very refreshing in front of the house.

In addition to eating, you can relax in this mini bar with your family.

5. Minimalist 1×3 Luxury Mini Bar

Eclectic luxury design mini bar

Source: Instagram/@rumahjovinca

The luxury elements in the minimalist mini bar seem to give a very elegant impression with a monochrome concept.

The selection of luxury elements seems to blend into the decorative lighting using crystals so that the atmosphere of the house seems different.

You can use this mini bar as a place to enjoy coffee at home.

6. Aesthetics in Narrow Land

Light colored mini bar

Source: Instagram/@erihestika

The simple but aesthetic inspiration is the best mini bar that Property People can serve in a narrow area.

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The concept of the color of cream with a combination of white looks together to meet the needs of the kitchen to serve the food.

Although it is in a narrow area, this space is quite spacious due to the use of open compartments from many parts of the mini bar at home.

7. Minimalist Mini Bar 1 × 3 Feminine Elements with Pink Combination

Pink color feminine theme

Source: Instagram/@mbak_nday

In addition to masculine elements, you can also apply a minimalist mini bar in the kitchen with a pink combination.

This pink texture minimalist kitchen mini-bar seems to give a nice feel with a soft texture.

You can combine white and pink colors with colored lights that are very beautiful and not boring from different parts of the house.

8. Perfect for Enjoying Coffee

Home coffee place concept

Source: Instagram/@windi_wijaya

For coffee lovers, this mini bar inspiration deserves to be asked as the best place to relax.

Green open concept with a group of coffee beans neatly arranged on the wall of the mini bar.

Not only a collection of coffee beans, you can also store a manual coffee machine that makes it easy.


Here are some of the best 1×3 minimalist mini bar tips for families in dream homes,

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