8 Best 7×9 3 Bedroom House Plan Ideas 2022

8 Best 7×9 3 Bedroom House Plan Ideas 2022

House plan 3 rooms size 7x9

Want to renovate your home but confused about the plan? Take a look at the idea of ​​a 3 bedroom house plan of 7 × 9 meters that can be the best inspiration in 2022.

The design of a minimalist 3 bedroom house plan with a dimension of 7×9 can be an inspiration to create a comfortable family residence.

The reason is, even if it is in a narrow area, you can arrange it so that it stays aesthetic.

You can imagine House of size 7 × 9 by arranging furniture and using the existing space.

This simple minimalist home can also be designed to be a one or two story residence, that’s it.

Do not forget to bring a relaxing area such as a cool minimalist terrace.

For reference, see the images and plans of the 7×9 3-room house below, only from www.lacrymosemedia.com.

8 Floors of house 3 Rooms Size 7 × 9

1. Minimalist 3 Bedroom House Plan Size 7×9

Minimalist 3 bedroom house plan size 7x9

Source: BangunSumatera.com

This 3 bedroom 1 floor home plan has a design with different sizes in each room.

You can make the master bedroom with a wider area than the second and third bedrooms.

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Interestingly, you can also have an aesthetic living room in a small house like this.

Don’t worry.

2. Examples of Modern House Design Size 7 × 9

Minimalist 3 bedroom house plan

Source: Bergaya.id

You can also make this minimalist 3 bedroom house plan inspiration for a comfortable family home.

Make the size of each room different so you can use the remaining land for other rooms.

Do not forget to organize a small kitchen so that a small house is always comfortable to live.

3. Plan of the house 7 × 9 2 Floor

house plans 3 bedrooms 2 floors

Source: Bergaya.id

You can also make a 3 bedroom house plan from 2 floors as in the picture above.

There is a lot of space you can create using existing land.

In addition to having a small home garage, you can also add a nice front or back yard.

4. Simple 3 Bedroom House Design 7×9

Simple 7x9 3 bedroom house design

Source: iCreated.id

This simple house design is really suitable for a narrow minimalist land size.

However, the beauty of the house should always be maintained by dealing with the existing soil.

For example, making 3 small rooms to be able to have another room.

5. 3 Bedroom 7 × 9 House Design with Musala

Home design with Musala

Source: iCreated.id

Some may build a special room for worship, such as a prayer room.

You can also do with a house of this size, that’s it.

Just try to get inspiration from the image above.

This minimalist prayer room can certainly accommodate the needs of families who want to worship at home.

6. 3 Bedroom 7×9 House Terrace in the Countryside

Simple house in the countryside

Source: Wdesign.com

Like the terrace of the house type 36, you can add a sweetener to this house for a size of 7 × 9 meters.

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Just make a small garden in front of the house or make the terrace as a space that can be used for hobbies.

For example, you can start growing medicinal plants or present beautiful ornamental plants.

7. Part of the facade of a 3 Bedroom House 7 × 9

Parts of a minimalist house facade

Source: Aramedia.id

The most visible part of the facade of the house is of course the front, aka the terrace and the residential garden.

For a house of type 7 × 9 meters, you can present a strong house facade and a cantilevered roof.

You have a cooler terrace because it is directly protected from the sun and rain.

8. Display of a 7 × 9. Home camera

View of the room 3x3

Source: YouTube Dodi Kuswadi

A house of 7 × 9 meters can have 3 rooms, each of 3 × 3 square meters.

So that the interior of the room does not seem full, you must maximize the use of furniture.

Just enter the wardrobe and the study table after presenting the size bed double.

As a sweetener for the room, you can make a room design with Tumblr lights.


It is the idea of ​​a 3 bedroom house plan 7×9 that you can imitate.

How no according to you?

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