8 Best 3×2 Minimalist Aesthetic Kitchen Sets For Home Kitchen

8 Best 3×2 Minimalist Aesthetic Kitchen Sets For Home Kitchen

The best minimalist kitchen set 3x2

Check out the tips for the best functional and aesthetic 3×2 minimalist kitchen in a home here.

The kitchen in a house is very essential, especially to meet the needs of the family.

The reason is that the kitchen is often used for the needs of the family to cook and store different equipment so it is very important.

Of course, you don’t want the kitchen to be in a mess and damage parts of the house, right?

Therefore, one of the best ways is to create a minimalist kitchen at home with a high functional value.

There is no need to be big, you can create a minimalist kitchen set with a limited size such as 3 × 2 meters.

What is the inspiration for the best 3×2 functional minimalist kitchen set? Check out the discussion together!

Recommendations for the best 3×2 minimalist kitchen set for home cooking

You can see the best minimalist kitchen design for home kitchen in full below:

1. Form a large Letter L

White corner kitchen set

Source: Instagram/@kikydian_ang

You can put the first recommendation of kitchen set in the form of a wide letter L in the form of an angle to the side.

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This kitchen set and kitchen combination gives the impression of being spacious in an open space combined with a minimalist dining table.

It is not only applied to a limited area, you can use this inspiration so that the kitchen and the dining room become more practical for different needs.

2. Minimalist Kitchen Set 3 × 2 Corner in a Narrow Room

The best minimalist kitchen in a tight space

Source: Instagram/@dikanzhome

You can apply other kitchen set positions in a corner in a narrow space in the form of a straight line.

This kitchen set seems to give a functional and aesthetic impression with the combination of white and closed compartments on the side of the cabinet to the refrigerator.

To add an aesthetic value, there are art paper to the succulent plants on the side of the kitchen at home.

3. Industrial monochrome in narrow ground

Minimalist kitchen set 3x2 monochrome green

Source: Instagram/@fushia.house

The next accent that you can present is a monochrome minimalist kitchen in a narrow room with the best industrial theme.

The industrial concept seems to mix with the white and black colors combined by backsplash exposed, thus producing a timeless element.

This monochrome industrial theme is also rich in different open and closed kitchen compartments in the house.

4. Yellow color combination

All yellow minimalist kitchen set

Source: Instagram/@dapurminimalis2022

To give a beautiful and refreshing impression, the selection of a yellow kitchen set can be a unique reference.

The combination of yellow and white seems to mix with the positive atmosphere of the kitchen, resulting in an atmosphere that is not boring at home.

You can present a touch of yellow and white with different open compartments that look spacious and functional.

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5. Minimalist 3 × 2 Pink Kitchen Set with Feminine Concept

Pink minimalist kitchen set

Source: Instagram/@inspirasidapurmama

The game of color in a minimalist kitchen is not only with neutral accents, but you can apply it with a feminine touch.

One of the interesting inspirations is the selection of a minimalist kitchen 3 × 2 with a beautiful pink accent in an open space.

This minimalist kitchen design is complemented by a decorative touch of pink with white, so it looks unified throughout.

6. A classic touch in a narrow room

Unique classic kitchen and dining room set

Sum: Instagram/@devina_home

If you have a limited space, then there is nothing wrong with combining the best minimalist kitchen in a narrow space like this picture.

The monochrome concept with closed compartments looks clean and functional in a limited area, it gives the impression of being practical and easy.

Not only the compartments, you can put this section next to a minimalist kitchen for different needs.

7. White Timeless 3 × 2 minimalist kitchen set

Timeless Industrial theme

Source: Instagram/@tipsdkor.id

The combination of this white and cream minimalist kitchen set seems to give a simple but timeless atmosphere.

The color selection of the kitchen set gives the impression of elegance in a narrow room with complete compartments, both open and closed.

Not only is the wooden concept attractive, you can also add green accents such as refreshing vines.

8. Blends in with a Minimalist Mini Bar

Letter L kitchen with minimalist mini bar

Sum: Instagram/@enoughomey

Not only with the dining room, you can put a minimalist kitchen 3 × 2 together with a unique minimalist mini bar.

The concept of correspondence with a mini bar, creates an open atmosphere in a narrow area with elements of high practicality with wood texture.

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This space is not only for cooking and enjoying the dishes, but you can use it as a place to relax at home.

Here are some of the best 3×2 minimalist kitchen set tips that you can apply for your dream home.

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