8 Best 2×1 Minimalist Fish Pond Options, Aesthetic and Refreshing!

8 Best 2×1 Minimalist Fish Pond Options, Aesthetic and Refreshing!

Minimalist Fish Pond 2x1

It doesn’t have to be big, you can choose the best 2×1 minimalist fish pond tips in the following aesthetically limited grounds.

The use of a fish pond at home can create a shadowy impression on the home.

You can put the fish pond on the terrace or garden to add freshness.

It doesn’t have to be luxurious and big like a fish pond at the sultan’s house, you cancan also apply in limited land, even in land 2 × 1 meter.

Curious about what a minimalist fish pond 2 × 1 meter that you can combine with a green area at home? Check out the inspiration below!

Recommendations for the Best 2×1 Minimalist Fish Pond at Home, It looks refreshing

1. Natural Design with Wood Texture

2x1 wooden koi fish pond

Source: Instagram/@koimagazine

If you are a koi fish lover, then this minimalist fish pond seems to have a natural atmosphere with a unique decorative wooden structure.

The wooden element seems to be combined with a pond in the form of glass, so that the koi fish can be seen from many sides full of beauty.

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This place will be perfect for those of you who want to relax while enjoying the fresh air at home.

2. Rich in green area

Japanese concept swimming pool

Source: Instagram/@zakurai.koi

In addition to aesthetics, functional elements are important in a minimalist 2 × 1 fish pond like this picture with a combination of green.

The fish pond looks refreshing and full of comfort with green accents around it, so it looks beautiful and refreshing at the same time in the house.

The green area in this minimalist fish pond will certainly make the fish less stressed when in the pond.

3. Combined with a Vertical Garden

Vertical white concept

Source: Instagram/@indriemozzhel

You can mix and match the next minimalist fish pond recommendation with this unique minimalist vertical garden.

The green area in this vertical garden seems to produce a touch of nature with green accents and minimalistic monochromatic rocks.

Not only the combination of a fish pond with a vertical garden, you can also add a fountain from the top that flows to the bottom.

4. Minimalist 2 × 1 Fish Pond for the Backyard of the House

2x1 green minimalist fish pond design

Source: Instagram/@rizkikiki.kikyou

Placing a fish pond in the backyard for limited land is the right inspiration for this dream house.

A refreshing concept with green accents and a minimalist fountain provides a flowing atmosphere, so that the house does not look boring.

It is not only a fish pond and a green area, there is a chair that you can use as a place to relax full of relaxation.

5. Simple 2 × 1 Minimalist Fish Pond on the Terrace of the House

simple 2x2 fish pond

Source: Instagram/@umah_aisyah01

The next recommendation does not have to be behind the house, you can also put the fish pond on the terrace of the house.

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The simple size of this fish pond is suitable for those of you who want to store small fish such as goldfish and others.

Despite its modest size, this fish pond seems to blend with wooden elements with green accents in a closed form.

6. Simple Fish Pond for Minimalist Home Terrace

simple concept with winemakers

Source: Instagram/@rhiena_ariyani

This simple choice of fish pond can be an interesting consideration if your minimalist home terrace is on limited land.

Because, this fish pond is not designed with a wide size, but it is designed deeper to make it easier for the fish to swim.

Not just a pool, you can add green accents from flower pots to vines.

7. Equipped with trees and waterfalls

Refreshing green

Source: Instagram/@muvikaperdanaputra

For those of you who want a swimming pool with flowing elements, the combination of trees and waterfalls is worth applying as this picture.

Not only the combination of the two, you can add a pond with decorative wood material so that it gives the impression of being one with nature.

Types of fish like koi would be very suitable to be placed in this pond.

8. Combination Lounge

Source: Instagram/@rumahazkaa

The next 2 × 1 minimalist fish pond recommendation seems to produce an interesting atmosphere in the relaxing room.

There is a combination of green spaces and trees to give a refreshing effect to the side of the house.

In addition to the fish pond, there is a collection of ornamental plants to accent the green textured grass.

Some of the best recommendations of minimalist fish ponds 2×1 can be an inspiration for the Owners in realizing their dream home.

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