8 Best 1.5×2 Minimalist Home Terrace Designs 2022 The most aesthetic

8 Best 1.5×2 Minimalist Home Terrace Designs 2022 The most aesthetic

Minimalist house terrace design 1.5x2 Fixed Image Fix

Do you want the front of the house to be attractive but small in size? No problem, really. Find out the best minimalist house terrace design 1.5×2 in limited land in a unique and aesthetic way in this article!

A part that is very important to note is the selection of a terrace design because it greatly affects the composition of the house in general.

A well-arranged terrace can create a festive atmosphere, in terms of the facade and the overall residential concept.

The design of the terrace does not have to be large. Even a small terrace, for example measuring 1.5 x 2 meters, can still have a high aesthetic value and functionality.

What inspiration can you choose? Check out the discussion together!

Best 1.5 x 2 Minimalist Home Terrace Design Recommendations 2022

You can choose the following best terrace design inspirations for your dream home.

1. Closed combination

White terrace with rustic concept

Source: Instagram/@rumah_shasyma

The first inspiration you can apply is to use a closed accent on a minimalist terrace.

This closed concept has high privacy, but looks bright with a very elegant white color.

To produce a more interesting combination, you can add chairs rustic thus creating a relaxing atmosphere.

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2. Industrial Accents in Limited Land

The combination of green with the industrial size of the theme 1.5x2

Source: Instagram/@babydinata

The open industrial theme on the terrace of this house produces a very refreshing texture to the house.

The concept of wood with ornamental plants makes this terrace suitable for relaxing at home, especially for enjoying the afternoon.

To add protection, you can add a minimalist fence made of iron to the garden lights in front.

3. L Letter in form

Dry central letter L

Source: Instagram/@casa_afsiera

To maximize the limitations of the land, there is nothing wrong with combining a minimalist terrace 1.5 × 2 with the L-letter concept.

The combination of the letter L in this terrace looks very comfortable as a place to relax at home, whether alone or with the family.

The natural concept appears in the use of synthetic grass for cactus plants that are simple and easy to care for.

4. 1.5 × 2 Minimalist Home Terrace with a dry concept

Minimalist house terrace 1.5 x 2 Open industrial theme

Source: Instagram/@widhyieindah

The tips for a minimalist terrace with a dry atmosphere like this photo seem to provide a very different concept.

You can combine cactus plants with stone accents on the wooden side, resulting in an atmosphere full of comfort.

There are chairs with wooden accents with a white combination that blends very well with the side of the house.

5. Refreshing green atmosphere

Interesting combination of green hearts

Source: Instagram/@devvyherawati

For plant lovers, this minimalist terrace recommendation is worth emulating with a refreshing green atmosphere.

The best combination of plants on the front of the house adds a relaxed impression, especially in the afternoon.

The choice of wood material to the large windows appear together on the side of the facade, so it seemed spacious.

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6. Purple with a different concept

Interesting purple color theme on the terrace

Source: Instagram/@lidya_yana_sari

If you want to be different, the selection of the terrace of the purple house in this picture is very worthy of consideration.

The game of purple with a combination of white produces classic elements but has a high character.

This terrace will be very suitable to be combined with the concept of purple and pastel accents, which match the inspiration of the house.

7. Beautiful Pastel Color Combinations

Minimalist house terrace 1.5 x 2 peach color

Source: Instagram/@nilam.cu

Color drawing fishing on the side of the terrace with pastel texture looks very beautiful, with a combination of rustic.

The game of accents with the best colors, provides an interesting atmosphere that fits perfectly with the feminine theme.

This space deserves to be a place to relax or grow crops, so that you feel more at home.

8. Closed 1.5 × 2 Minimalist House Terrace with Parquet Combination

Closed house terrace with parquet

Source: Instagram/@bani.homes

You can apply the latest terrace inspiration with a combination of parquet, especially to combine the concept of open space and closed space at home.

The closed decorative concept with parquet floors and various ornamental plants gives a comfortable impression as a place to relax.

Not only used as a terrace, you can also make this place a living room.


Here are some tips for the most unique and aesthetically pleasing 1.5×2 minimalist terrace house designs in 2022 that you can emulate.

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