8 Beautiful Simple Roof Designs

8 Beautiful Simple Roof Designs

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The roof is a part of the house that is quite common these days. Its existence is beginning to be considered important by owners, especially for owners who are still young or belong to the millennial and gen Z groups. However, what exactly is a roof? And how about a simple house roof design that is always good? Here are the reviews:

Definition of ceiling

Before looking at a beautiful simple house roof design, it is a good idea to know what a roof is. Rooftop is the surface of the roof or part of the roof of a building that is generally used as an open space for activities such as relaxing, breaking the fast, or enjoying the view.

Roof function

Rooftop has many uses, including:

  • Recreation: The roofs are often used as a place to relax and enjoy the atmosphere, alone or with family and friends.
  • Views: Rooftops can offer stunning views from a height, such as city or mountain views.
  • Event: Rooftop is often used as a place for different types of events such as parties, corporate events and others.
  • Roof garden: Some roofs have a roof garden where it is possible to grow plants and maintain a mini garden.
  • Alternative energy sources: roofs can also be used to install solar panel systems, wind turbines, etc.

The first example of a simple house roof design that is very simple and aesthetic. You just need to put synthetic grass and an L-shaped sofa in the corner. Then hang small decorative lights to add a warm impression to the room. This roof is suitable for relaxing or gathering with the family.

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The second example, for those of you who want a roof with a natural impression, you can use the following design examples. Using parquet or wooden floors, one of the risks that can be obtained is during the rainy season, the risk of damage to the floor is quite large, so a special method is needed to care and maintain the parquet on this roof.

Unlike the first design example, this third roof design uses real grass to be planted on the roof. Equipped with a small sofa and canopy, making this roof quite safe from wind and rain. In addition, with the grass and the large pots at the end, the rainwater that falls is not directed directly on the wooden floor or sofa, because the plants have already absorbed it.

Ceiling Design Ideas simple house Fourth, those of you who like simple designs will definitely like this design. With a small gazebo complete with a relaxing bed, making this roof very comfortable for sleeping or just chatting.

Unlike other simple roof tile designs, this tile really only uses ceramic as the floor and ordinary garden benches to sit on. Coupled with the placement of ornamental plants on the edges, this roof is comfortable enough to relax even if there is no sofa.

Combining a garden and even a set of park benches, this roof is suitable for those of you who like green views. In addition, the size is also large enough to be used as a place or location when there is an event. Do not worry about the rain, because there is a large umbrella to protect you.

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If you have a large enough space to make a roof, there is nothing wrong with adopting this design. The design of this simple house on the roof is so simple, but it looks so comfortable with the sofa and the seats equipped with soft cushions. If you adopt this design, it is sure that your ceiling will become a favorite for many people because it makes you feel at home and comfortable to sit for a long time.

Who said that a small area can not be used as a ceiling? The proof of this design. Although the available area is quite narrow, the owner was clever to surround the existing space by making a roof with an elongated design. In addition, the placement of decorative lights on the yards also adds to the aesthetic impression of this space.

Tips for making roofs

Here are some tips for making a roof:

  • Protection from the weather: make sure that the roof is equipped with protection from rain, heat and wind.
  • Determine the purpose: if the roof will be used as a garden, living room or for other activities such as BBQ or yoga.
  • Choose the right material: the right material will affect the comfort, aesthetics and cost of a roof.
  • Treat it like any other room: make sure the roof is equipped with electricity, water and drainage like any other room in the house.
  • Add decorations: decorations like plants, chairs and tables make the ceiling look more animated and fun.

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