8 beautiful and elegant scandinavian dining room designs

8 beautiful and elegant scandinavian dining room designs

scandinavian dining room

Drawing Scandinavian became an interior style that is quite popular with many people. Not alone living room and family roomconception Scandinavian jcan also be applied to the dining room, you know.

Usually, Scandinavian interior design uses more wooden furniture. See, this design describes the three characteristics of interior styles in Europe, namely Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Various Banners

The style of the interior is amazing Scandinavian can be applied in different sizes of dining room, including minimalist ones. Provided, we choose the appropriate furniture.

So, how to create an attractive Scandinavian dining room?

Therefore, in order not to get confused about organizing a dining room in Scandinavian style, consider the following inspirations.

1. Dining room Scandinavian All white

Drawing Scandinavian usually dominated by neutral colors. If you are confused to choose a color for the design of the dining room, then White color may be the first choice. In addition to looking clean, white also makes the dining room wider and brighter.

all white scandinavian dining room
Maeve Dining Table Set 4 Chairs – White
An all-white dining table to complement your minimalist dining room.

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2. Natural lighting in the dining room

Not only focusing on the light from the lamp, you can also take advantage of the natural lighting from the large windows.

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You see, Scandinavian design is identical to the use of bright and bright colors. In fact, the existence of this large window can make the dining room look more luxurious.

dining room with natural light
Lazio Dining table set 4 chairs – white
The dining room with natural light from the large windows makes it look spacious.

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3. Modern and Warm Gray Accent

So that the dining room does not look monotonous, we can use gray furniture. The combination of white and brown from the wood can make the dining room look more warm and modern.

gray dining room design
Elana Dining Table – Gray
Scandinavian dining room with gray accents that looks charming.

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4. Natural with Wood and Plants

To make the dining room look more natural, use wooden living room furniture in bright colors. Then, add green ornamental plants, large and small to create a natural feeling.

natural dining room
Yelets dining table set 4 chairs – white / light brown
Minimalist dining room with a natural Scandinavian design.

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5. Bright color combinations in the dining room Scandinavian

If you want to be a little more daring, you can use a combination of bright colors other than neutral colors, such as green pastel and pink

Maybe you think that this combination of colors will seem impressive, but in reality they make the dining room more elegant, like the following idea.

dining room color combination
Hulla extendable dining table – white
Dining room with a variety of fascinating bright color combinations.

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6. Blends in the Living Room

Not just a special room, we can too joins the dining room and family room. Also, the design Scandinavian it brings the concept of simplicity.

In any case, make sure to use a minimalist table with wooden elements, like the following idea.

minimalist dining room
Dutton Dining Table Set 4 Chairs – Chocolate
The dining room blends with the family room to look more minimalist and homely.

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7. Minimalist dining room with brick walls

Mixing styles Scandinavian with industrial design it can also create a more attractive impression in the dining room. It is enough to add a dining table and wooden chairs with a distinctive design Scandinavian to make it look unique, like the following idea.

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dining area with brick walls
Selma Yura Dining table set 4 chairs – white
Dining room with a mix of industrial and Scandinavian designs.

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8. Dining Room with a Large Painting as a Focal Point

Many people think that paintings are just wall decorations. In fact, the painting can also be a focal point in the middle of the room to create the impression of luxury.

Just use a large painting that matches the color of the dining room. However, avoid using other wall decorations because they can interfere with the fire in the room.

dining room with painting
Roxby Dining Table Set 4 Chairs – Black/Brown
Dining room with large paintings and oak accent furniture to give a natural impression.

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Well, this is the Scandinavian dining room inspiration you can follow. To get a dining table with a beautiful design aesthetic and minimalist, you can visit directly www.lacrymosemedia.com.

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