8 Bathroom Shelf Models Under IDR 500,000

8 Bathroom Shelf Models Under IDR 500,000

bathroom wall shelf
Stora 2 Tier Pet Bathroom Wall Shelf – Silver

The bathroom shelf is used to store shampoo, soap and other cleaning products. Of course, this makes it an object that must be in bathroom.

In any case, before buying bathroom shelves, of course, we have to consider many things, starting from the price, the size, to the style of the interior of the bathroom. In addition, now there are many models of shelves with elegant designs.

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Bathroom Shelf Recommendations Below IDR 500,000

So, this time, we have recommendations for several models of shelves that you can use at home, from corner shelves to hanging shelves. Go ahead, see the following.

1. Corner bathroom shelf

This storage model can be a solution for narrow bathrooms. Because the shape is like a triangle and specifically for the corner of the room, you need to install it close shower

Usually, this shelf is used only to put the main items, such as soap and shampoo. So, here are tips for corner shelves that you can choose from Rp. 75,000. Of the two, which do you prefer?

corner bathroom shelf
Stora multifunctional corner shelf – white
The design is strong and robust so it is not easily damaged.

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corner shelf
Stora 2-tier corner shower shelf
Able to support loads up to 5 kg.

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2. Trolley Rack

The next affordable shelf recommendation is the trolley model. Because it is easy to move from one place to another, this shelf can be multifunctional.

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You can fill the top of the shelf with soap, shampoo and skin care. Then, at the bottom, it can be used as a place to store detergent and deodorizer for clothes room laundry room. The following is a recommendation for a trolley rack for only IDR 390,000.

bathroom shelf
Masterspace 4 Tier Trolley Shelf – White
It has a slim and minimalist design so it looks charming.

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3. Pole Rack over the toilet

It is located above toilet making this a suitable storage place to be placed in a minimalist style bathroom. Because the shelves are wide enough, you can put soap, towels, toilet cleaners and floor deodorizers on this shelf.

Here is a recommendation for a pole rack above the bathroom that you can buy for 200,000 IDR.

multifunctional bathroom shelf
Masterspace multipurpose iron shelf – white
Versatile design and easy to assemble suitable for minimalist bathrooms.

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multifunction toilet door
3 Tier Multifunctional Toilet Shelf – White
Multifunctional toilet holder for storing toiletries.

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4. Hanging shelf

Hanging shelves are also suitable to be placed in a minimalist room. To make it more practical, choose a hanging rack equipped with a towel holder and a razor hook, like our recommendations below, which you can buy for only 180,000 IDR.

bathroom hanging rack
Stora 2-level bathroom hanging shelf – white
Complete with two storage compartments, razor hook and towel holder.

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5. Shelves with Glass

You can choose a shelf equipped with a mirror to make it more practical. Because it has become a unit, this shelf will make shaving and cleaning your face more efficient.

Therefore, we also have recommendations for glass shelves with modern designs starting from IDR 300,000, as follows.

glass bathroom shelves
Kris Bathroom Wall Mirror With Shelf

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mirror with shelf
Kris Bathroom Wall Mirror With Shelf

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6. Rak Flipside

Straight model flipside it may still be foreign to some people. You see, this shelf has a flexible shelf, which can be positioned to the right or left as needed.

In addition, rack flipside also equipped with features Gel-Lock, which allows it to be fixed to the wall firmly. Interestingly, you can have this one rack for only IDR 500,000.

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bathroom shelf models
Umbra Flipside 3 Tier Shelf – white

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7. Rack with Towel Holder

Practical and minimalist are the right words for this model of a shelf. You see, you can hang towels while storing all the toiletries.

The installation is also quite easy and does not require nails because it can be directly attached or used by the system aspiration. You can buy this shelf with prices starting from only 70,000 IDR. Very affordable, right?

shelf with towel
Large Bathroom Shelf with Towel Holder
It is equipped with a hook and uses a suction cup so it is safe for the wall.

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bathroom shelf with hangers
Stora Wk120864 Bathroom Wall Shelf – Silver
It is equipped with a unique and elegant towel holder.

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8. Wall Towel Rack

There is also a special rack used for drying towels. Also, after taking a bath, the towel you use will still be wet. Well, you can hang it on this shelf.

You can buy a towel for this bathroom with prices starting from IDR 179,000. Here are some tips for towels that you can buy.

towel holder
Krisbow Double Ramp Suction Cup Towel Rack – White

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bathroom towel holder
Wall towel rail Kris 60 cm

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Thus, there are many storage models that can beautify your bathroom. You can buy the products recommended above only through variety.

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