8 Aesthetic 2 Story House Design Inspirations

8 Aesthetic 2 Story House Design Inspirations

2 story house design inspiration

Confused determines the design naked nice 2 story house? Check out the following inspirations, go!

Void is an open space between two floors.

Its presence will make the house look more spacious and not cramped.

However, determine the design naked it is not an easy thing.

So, as a reference, here are some design inspirations naked a 2 story house you can copy!

8 Inspiration for design Void 2-storey house Aesthetic

1. Void which joins the Staircase Area

empty in the middle of a minimalist house

Source: instagram.com/blackvanilla.house

First, you can consider the construction naked in the middle area of ​​the house and joins with a staircase.

In this way, the open space in the house will be concentrated in one area so that the size can be made bigger.

Void a large one will give a spacious impression and help the process of air circulation in all the rooms of the first and second floor.

In effect, your home is protected from excessive humidity that can be harmful to health.

2. Drawing Void with Wall Roster

Industrial 2 story house design

Source: instagram.com/mariavega.artanti

The next idea is to create naked which combines with rooster walls and glass walls.

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The wall of the rooster works as an air circulation hole that helps to maintain the air quality in the house.

While the glass walls continue the sunlight from outside into the house so that the room looks brighter during the day.

3. Void with the roof Skylight

Aesthetic design of 2-storey house

Source: instagram.com/nenihadiastuti

Drawing naked This 2 story home can be an option if you want a unique look.

At the base of the empty space, the occupants built a dry garden from black gravel and ash.

Then, on top there is a roof skylight which is the main access to the sun.

Although not very big, presence naked make the room around him look brighter.

4. Design Void small house with 2 floors

Small 2 story house empty design

Source: instagram.com/doublebhouse

It doesn’t have to be too big, you can still build it naked small in the corner of the house.

For example, like naked in the picture above, the size is only 4 × 2 meters with a height of 7 meters.

Although it is small, the presence of this empty space effectively maximizes the process of air and light circulation in the house.

To make it look more attractive, you can build exposed concrete walls and concrete rosters in this area.

5. Kamprot Wall in Area Void

empty minimalist inspiration

Source: instagram.com/noriboomboom

The next idea is to build a zone naked with kamprot walls whose texture appears rough.

This coating technique will make the wall look unique and attract attention.

So, take advantage of the area below naked like a small garden by placing pots of plants internal on

You can also place a small sofa to relax next to these ornamental plants.

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6. Design Void Minimalist house with 2 floors

empty minimalist kitchen area

Source: instagram.com/dsp.house

If you want a minimalist look, use white paint on the wall area naked.

Then, you can put the roof skylight at the top so that the house receives more sunlight.

For the record, designs like this are perfect for Japanese-style homes.

7. Design Void and Staircase Area

minimalist small empty

Source: instagram.com/hosofgucii

The next inspiration is the assembly of the tables jersey on a transparent roof naked House.

Then, you can put ornamental vines or artificial plants on the edge jersey him

In this way, the sun’s rays will not enter completely and make the room dazzle during the day.

8. Void with a minimalist glass roof

empty space in the house

Source: instagram.com/rumah_titipan

Finally, you can consider construction naked in the back of the house.

Then, install a glass roof on top so that sunlight can enter freely.

In this area, you can also build a small staircase as access to the second floor of the residence.


I hope a collection of designs naked This 2-story house is useful for you, isn’t it?

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